Explore The Best Natural Harbour On A Sydney Boat Cruise

Sydney Harbour is known worldwide for its sparkling blue waters, dramatic shoreline and its famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour bridge. It is perhaps less well known for its standing as one of the largest, or often claimed the largest, natural harbour in the world. Whether or not it ranks number one in size, it is certainly up there when it comes to beauty, fame, and function. This incredible natural monument deserves a moment in the spotlight, with a little explanation on why it’s the best natural harbour out there. At East Coast Sailing our Sydney boat cruise and hire services will give you the amazing experience of viewing this natural harbour in the flesh.

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What is a natural harbour anyway? 

Many harbours in the world are actually natural harbours! A natural harbour is an organically occurring landform in which a body of water is both protected by land, and deep enough to provide safe anchorage for boats or ships. Many large cities are developed near natural harbours as they create opportunity for transfer of passengers and goods, as well as providing a place for boats to anchor away from inclement weather. In order to be considered a natural harbour, a harbour has an existing landform, free a man-made changes, which provided appropriate shelter for ships. Many natural harbours are later developed to enhance the protection from wind, they are expanded to encompass more vessels, or they are dredged to allow for deeper anchorage. 

How was Sydney Harbour originally formed?

220 million years ago, during the Triassic period, what we know as Sydney harbour today was a sandstone and shale estuary formation. Hard Hawkesbury Sandstone (such as on the Eastern edge of the harbour), breaks away in large chunks which leaves the harsh vertical cliffs that are classic of Sydney’s coastline. The Ashfield Shale that makes up the western part of the harbour tends to create flatter shorelines when it erodes, as it is much softer and weathers more easily. 

Sand spits tend to build up over time between large areas of sandstone, and this can eventually connect existing islands to the mainland of the harbour. Examples of this are North and South Head which were joined by sand spits like what is now Manly. What originally started out as a valley river system was flooded as the oceans rose 10,000, which, along with the cliffy shoreline, gives it the depth it has today.

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What species live in Sydney Harbour?

The harbour is extremely biodiverse, with over 3,000 species documented, and five major marine life groups including: Crustaceans (like the blue swimmer and mud crab, Eastern Rock Lobster, school prawn), Polychaetes (marine worms), Molluscs (slugs, snails, clams, and muscles), Echinoderms (sea urchins, stars, and cucumbers) and…588 fish species (sea dragon, blue groper for example). There are also birds (penguins included), whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, corals, and sponges that either live permanently, or regularly visit the Sydney harbour waters. Next time you’re riding on a Sydney boat cruise across the harbour, you can imagine the world below you, teeming with colourful life.

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Why is Sydney Harbour so special?

Apart from its incredible, naturally occurring characteristics, Sydney Harbour is one of the largest transport corridors for the whole state of New South Wales. Every single day there are roughly 40,000 trips made daily by ferries across the bright blue waters.

There are eight islands within Sydney harbour that were never joined by sand spits. These include: Rodd, Snapper, Cockatoo, Goat, Spectacle, Clark, Shark Island, and Fort Denison.

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There are also several man-made attractions that now line Sydney Harbour, many of which are famous throughout the world and attract visitors from hundreds of countries. Some of the most popular landmarks include: The Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, Sydney entertainment centre, Sydney fish markets, Taronga Zoo, Sydney Aquarium, Darling Harbour, and the customs house.

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Sydney Harbour is roughly 19 km long, with 240 Kilometres of shoreline, and approximately 54 square kilometres of water, with a volume of 1 SydHarb (an official unit of measure). The harbour shoreline houses the myriad man-made attractions, residential areas, as well as parklands, forests, reserves, Sydney Harbour National park, botanical gardens, walking tracks, beaches, picnic areas, and so much more. It’s easy to see why Sydney Harbour is not only the World’s largest natural harbour, but one of the most iconic. If you’d like to experience the best natural harbour for yourself, visit our website to view our options for a Sydney boat cruise and rental.

Sydney Harbour facts to know before your boat hire

Some little known facts to know about Sydney Harbour before your next Sydney Harbour boat hire.

Visitors and residents of Sydney delight in the natural and man made wonders of Sydney Harbour every single day, be it riding a ferry, attending a show at the Opera House, crossing the Sydney Harbour bridge, taking a scenic walk, or dining at one of the harbour-side restaurants. Perhaps it seems that everything the harbour has to offer is on display, but did you ever wonder if there is more than what meets the eye, or what is (literally) beneath the surface? Have a read through some of our favourite interesting facts about Sydney Harbour and you’ll have even more appreciation for this famous landmark next time you’re riding atop its waters. At East Coast Sailing we offer services including Sydney yacht hire or a boat hire on Sydney Harbour to experience this interesting city up close.

One of the most interesting, but least known facts about Sydney Harbour is that it has its very own official unit of measure to approximate its volume in water. The unit is aptly called a ‘SydHarb’ and is equivalent to roughly 560 gigalitres, which is over 500,000,000 cubic metres. If you can’t quite get your head around a SydHarb, it can be compared to the following: The amount of water that passes over Niagara Falls in two full days, 238,000 Olympic swimming pools, or 357 Melbourne Cricket grounds. For scale, a Melbourne Cricket ground is the largest stadium size in the country and seats 95,000 people, so imagine that multiplied by 357… that’s one SydHarb.

Within the one SydHarb of water in the Sydney Harbour, there are nearly 600 species of fish alone! Some of the common species include: Bream, kingfish, fan bellied leather jackets, blue swimmer crabs, moon jellies, and flat head. There is also a tube worm that lives on the sea bed. Beyond fish, there are over 3,000 species of sea life present around the Sydney Harbour waters, many of which, land-dwellers like us will never see. With Sydney Yacht hire, you can experience this amazing marine life up close and personal.

Sydney Harbour Boat Hire

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The Sydney Harbour was originally a valley river estuary system carved into sandstone millions of years ago. It became the natural harbour it is now when the oceans rose 10,000 years ago and flooded the river. Read more about what it means to be a natural harbour here.

While the volume of Sydney Harbour is inexplicably vast, the depth is another story. While some deep holes have been discovered which go at least 45 metres deep, the seabed morphology is not at all uniform. For instance, some areas of the harbour are only 3 metres deep, but still contain shoals of fish. To get some perspective, if you’re looking at the Harbour Bridge, the distance from the water’s surface to the highpoint of the bridge is 134 metres, much higher than the deep areas beneath.

One of the main uses of the Sydney Harbour is for transportation to and from the city. Every single day, roughly 40,000 trips are made across the harbour, just on ferries. There are also four different bridges that allow travel over the Harbour by car or bus including: the Silverwater Bridge, the Gladesville bridge, the Ryde bridge, and of course the Sydney Harbour bridge.

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While modern day ferries are safe and reliable, there were many ships that didn’t make it across the Sydney Harbour once upon a time. There are now at least 30 shipwrecks beneath the surface of the harbour’s waters.  Many of them are intact, and you can even get a permit to dive down to them if you’re really curious. Often, after some time, marine life will inhabit a shipwreck and make it home.

Before European settlers arrived, the area where Sydney harbour is, was home to the Gadigal, Cammeraygal, Eora, and the Wanegal tribes. In 1770, Lt. James Cook sailed past the harbour on his way up the East Coast. He later named it after Sir George Jackson, which is why it is also known as ‘Port Jackson’ today. Sydney Harbour has a unique role in Australian history as the first place on the mainland for European settlement and colonisation.

If you’re visiting Sydney Harbour, boat hire will allow you to take in the shoreline of the Harbour which spans 322 km, and almost 80 kms of which has been reclaimed for various uses. Because of this reclamation, much of the shoreline has been altered from its original shape.

If you plan to visit Sydney in 2032 you can partake in the centenary celebration of the Sydney Harbour Bridge construction, which may include allowing the public to walk across the harbour! This would be the third time in history that a public walk is permitted. The first two times were at the grand opening, and at the 50 year anniversary. The bridge took 8 years to build with almost 1500 men, 16 of which died in the process, while 800 families were displaced to make way for its construction. Now, more than 150,000 vehicles cross this monument, and the Sydney Harbour beneath it, each day. 

Sydney Harbour Boat Hire

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Feeling inspired by the history of the incredible Sydney Harbour? We offer Sydney Harbour boat hire to experience this historically rich city up close. If you’d like to get out and enjoy these famous waters, get in touch today and we’ll get you out there. 

Marine life: What can you see on a Sydney cruise?

Explore the marine life of Sydney Harbour with East Coast Sailing’s Sydney boat rental

We all know how stunning the blue waters of Sydney Harbour are, reflecting back the sunshine that Sydney-siders can count on most days. With all the bustling traffic of boats, ferries, and cruise ships across the surface, it’s easy to forget about the vast and myriad marine species living at the depths of the sea. This is true for any part of the ocean of course, but Sydney Harbour has a distinctive ecosystem that has allowed for a uniquely large amount of sea life to thrive. If use East Coast Sailing for your Sydney boat rental, you may just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some of the creatures that brave the border of sea and sky. Read on to learn about some of the most common, and some of the rarest species that live in the sparkling Sydney waters.

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What marine life can I see from a boat hire in Sydney?

While there are twice as many types of fish in Sydney Harbour than the whole of the United Kingdom coastline, many of them aren’t seen from above the surface. If you’re riding on a hire boat in the Sydney Harbour, you’re more likely to spot on of the whale or dolphin species. 

More than fifteen thousand whales migrate from their feeding ground in the Antarctic, to their breeding ground in the Coral Sea. This route runs right past Sydney, near the Sydney Harbour, so whale sightings are quite common from hire boats in Sydney. While boat hires definitely give you the best view and highest chances of spotting a whale, during peak season you might even see them from the shore! The most commonly sighted whales near Sydney Harbour are the humpbacks and the southern right whales. The best time for whale sighting is between May and September, as well as in December. It’s less likely to see any whales during the colder months of the year. From September to December, the humpbacks migrate back to the Antarctic, so you may see them heading south. This also may be a time to spot females with newborn calves in tow.

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Aside from whales, dolphins are definitely the next most commonly sighted marine creature in the area. Pacific and bottlenose dolphins are the ones you’re likely to spot, especially if you’re out on a boat. Boats can generally get within thirty to ninety metres of dolphins and whales.

Aside from the whales and dolphins just mentioned, you may also come across the common dolphin, pilot whales, albatross and other seabirds, as well as the adorable Australian fur seals. Get more details on sightings here.

Learn more with Sydney boat rental: what’s beneath the surface?

It’s incredible to see sea aquatic animals while cruising along the Sydney Harbour, but some passengers will definitely be itching to know what creatures are lurking below that are harder to spot.

Sydney Harbour is often cited as having more species of fish than in all of the Mediterranean Sea. While still being counted and evaluated, so far there are more than 550 species identified, and that’s just the fish. The harbour is known for its unique estuarine ecosystem formed by sea levels rising and filling the existing river valley system.  The resulting complex inlet network has allowed for many species to coexist that would otherwise live in different areas of the ocean.


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While there are far too many species to name all of them, there are some existing in greater numbers than others. We’ve created a list of a few notable creatures in each sea life category for those who are extra keen. Here are our favourites:

Fish: Eastern blue groper, crimson banded wrasse, giant cuttle, moon wrasse, moorish idols, butterfly fish, splendid nudibranch, unicornfish, black reef and fan bellied leather jackets, hulafish, threebar porcupine fish and the yellowtail barracuda! Read more about the Harbour fish here. We also love the Giant, Gloomy, Mourning and Reaper cuttlefish even if they sound like a dismal bunch!

Sharks: Angel, Bull, Dusky Whaler, Great White, Grey Nurse, Port Jackson, and the Wobbegong Shark.

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Rays: Common stingaree, Fiddler, Numb and Southern Eagle Ray. 

Horses and dragons and more: Potbellied, Pygmy and White’s seahorse, Ornate Ghost, Tiger and Robust Ghost pipefish, Pygmy pipehorse, and the Weedy Seadragon.

Crabs, critters, and various creatures: The various nudibranchs including the Hypseldoris, Pancake aphelodoris, sweet ceratosoma and black-margined glossodoris nudibranch. We love the Blue swimmer, brittlestar, becorator, and hermit crabs as well as the feather duster worm, the featherstar, hinge-beak and hump-backed shrimp, peron’s sea slug, and the purple tube worm. 

Miscellaneous: Some of the most fascinating creatures include the biscuit star, eleven armed sea star, as well as the football, jewel, tube, white-striped and monster anemones. We can’t forget the Sea Hare, Sea Urchin, soft coral sponge, Sydney scorpionfish, and the Yellow Zoanthids.

Sydney boat rental

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Non-natives: A lot of the current sea creatures were not originally from the Sydney Harbour area. These guys have either migrated here on cruise ships, or found their way from more tropical waters as the sea temperature has heated up further south. Bristle worms and sea squirts are considered invasive species, and the false clownfish and moorish idols are considered more tropical. We also get visitors such as the blue bottle, by-the-wind sailors, comb jellyfish and the Glaucos Atlantis.

Are you super keen and eager to learn about ALL the species of marine life in the Sydney Harbour? Visit the Underwater Sydney webpage and soak up as much as a soft coral sponge!

If you’re looking forward to viewing some of the spectacular marine life yourself, use our Sydney boat rental and hire it out for a day or weekend on the water, and don’t forget to bring your camera. Visit our website here, for more details about a boat hire Sydney Harbour!


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Boat hire selection for your Sydney event

Boat hire selection can be a tricky process when there are over 100 boat hire options. Whether you’re planning a large corporate event, a fun yacht sail around Sydney Harbour, a private function on a luxurious boat rental, a party event, or an intimate overnight stay, Eastcoast Sailing has got you covered. Check out the types of vessels we offer below and see which type of boat hire is the right selection for your event.

boat hire sydney

Luxury Boat Hire Options

If you’re checking out our list of Boat Hire options, you’ll notice that there are over 30 different vessels to choose from here. Our Sydney Boat Hire selection is the perfect place to start if you’re planning a private function or corporate event to impress.

You might want to browse from the following:

  • MV Seaduced: A 55ft luxury cruiser with outdoor space  for up to 22 guests.
  • MV Day by Day: 47ft vessel with a viewing deck and catering options for up to 20 people.
  • Ocean Blue Boat Hire: A smaller cruiser for touring the harbour or stylish function transfers.
  • MV Ghost 1: What a sleek stunning Eurodesign luxury boat- dressed to impress – for up to 36 guests
  • MV Seven Star: For that truly special corporate event or private function, where style and class is everything. First class for up to 90 guests.

Large Function Boats

If you’re planning a large private function or corporate event for 50 -300 guests, we’ve got plenty of function boat options too!

For larger boat hire events hosting up to 800 guests, check out a few options:

  • MV Starship function boat: This boat hire option has incredible value for parties of up to 800 and is the biggest function boat on Sydney Harbour. This is the perfect choice for large corporate and social events and has several catering options available.
  • Bella Vista function boat: This large boat hire is another that suits 800 guests in cocktail style or 350 seated in the ballroom, and is a stylish and elegant choice for wedding ceremonies with large windows and harbour views. It has a commercial kitchen and restaurant style catering available.
  • MV Morpheus: This 66 foot catamaran features three entertaining areas and suits anywhere from 20 to 100 guests. This vessel is perfect for impressing corporate guests with its contemporary design, professional service and catering, fine wine, and spectacular views.
  • MV Starship Aqua Function Boat: Seating 60-300, this boat allows flexibility in setting up the layout, and has full catering options for various parties or wedding receptions.

Check out our comprehensive list of boat hire options and get in touch with us for any questions.

boat hire options
Catamaran Hire

Looking for a hire option that gives you a bit more space and lots of stability? A Catamaran hire is probably the perfect option for your party. We have both sailing and motor powered catamarans which both have the option of mooring closer to sandy beaches, allowing guests to jump in for a swim. These are great options for both parties and corporate events typically for 20 to 50 guests. Check out a few options:

  • Seawind 1000 Catamaran Charter: Our smallest catamaran for up to 20 guests and is world-acclaimed for its stable, smooth ride. This is a great option for small parties to cruise the harbour and check out Sydney’s beaches.
  • Seawind 1160 Catamaran Charter: This lovely catamaran for up to 30 guests and is perfect for small events to cruise the harbour under sail or motor to cruise the harbour.
  • Catamaran 48 foot: This large, BYO catamaran for 10-40 guests and is an open and spacious vessel with a large foredeck that is perfect for viewing. The all around drop down protects from the wind, and the spacious interior is perfect for relaxed parties. This vessel even comes with two trampolines and plenty of sun baking potential.

To see our full list of Catamaran hire options in Sydney, head over here.    

boat hire selection: catamaran
Sailing Yacht Hire

In our range of skippered Yacht charters and Luxury hire yachts, you will find options for parties, client entertaining, team building sailing regattas, and overnight stays. One of the most memorable aspects of Yacht hire is that guests can choose to participate in sailing the yachts and can learn how to steer the helm, trim the headsail, haul the mainsail, or simply sit back and enjoy their cruise! Check out a few of our Sydney Yacht hire options below:

  • Bavaria 37 Luxury Yacht Hire: This intimate Yacht fits up to 10 people and comes either bare or skippered. This is one of our overnight options that can come with wind and spray protection, three sleeping areas, with dining, lounge, and kitchen areas. If you’ll be there a bit longer, you can also stay at the marina to enjoy Sydney restaurants and shopping. There is a fresh water deck shower and swim platform that drops off the rear.
  • Kaufmann 58 Luxury Yacht Charter: This is a 58 foot, classy, custom built yacht with a fibreglass hull and elegant, 75 foot mast towers and hand-crafted timber-work. This is a great option for regattas and other small parties and events. It fits up to 12 people, plus the crew to keep you cruising.

boat hire selection: sailing yacht

A few of our yachts are available for racing and Industry regattas including:

  • Margaret Rintoul V Yacht: This 61 foot racing yacht accommodates 15-17 guests in its elegant and spacious interior and cockpit. It is the perfect option for small corporate events and regattas.
  • Jeanneau 45: This luxurious vessel has beautiful timber decks and comfortable, spacious lounging areas for up to 16 guests, plus the crew. It can be used for racing in regattas, or for a more relaxed day of eating lunch and swimming at the beach.

To see our full list of yacht charter options in Sydney, head over here.  

Party Boats

Planning a fun party ? Bucks, hens, birthday? We have some great party boats to select from..

boat hire selection: party boat

  • Bundeena Party Boat: This retro timber ferry boat has great value for a party of up to 89 guests and leaves from various wharves around Sydney Harbour.
  • Ferry Function Boats: Heritage ferry boats seating up to 220 guests, perfect for weddings and birthday parties or overnight hens and bucks.
  • Seawind 1160 Resort: Open plan design catamaran for parties on the harbour. A great day boat to drop anchor and swim. Cruise under motor, or hoist the sails.

No matter what event you are planning, we have the right vessel for you. Check out our full range of Yacht hire options, catamaran charters, boat hire. Or contact us and we’ll help you choose the right boat, catamaran, or yacht hire for your special event.

Make this Easter Special with a Boat Hire in Sydney

This year, give your family a special treat by booking a Easter weekend boat hire in Sydney to celebrate this wonderful break. Easter weekend is a vibrant time for getting together and celebrating with your friends and family. From Good Friday to Easter Monday, families across Australia get together to enjoy this long weekend. Autumn in Sydney is perhaps the best time to enjoy Sydney Harbour with fresh Autumn air and the crisp afternoon sun, and the water is still warm.

Eastcoast Sailing Easter Weekend Boat Hire

If you’ve decided to soak up the Sydney sun a bit longer before Winter, you might consider a truly unique idea and host Easter on a Boat Hire in Sydney! Never considered a Party Boat Hire or Private Boat Charter in Sydney before? Perhaps it sounds a bit lavish, and that may be true, but a private function on a boat rental in Sydney is a special way to bring your friends and loved ones together for an outing that they will always remember fondly.

Eastcoast Sailing Easter Weekend Boat Hire


The details:

Boat Hire Size: We have an enormous range of Boats, Catamaran, and Yachts for hire in Sydney and can accommodate for small intimate gatherings, or large Party Boat Hire for hundreds of people!

Pricing for Boat Rentals: Depending on the size of the boat and the nature of the function, Boat Hires in Sydney range from a minimum of 4 hour bookings with price by the hour, or a set price for an entire function. Check out our Boat Hire page to figure out which type of Boat, Yacht or Catamaran rental you’ll need to enjoy the most of Easter weekend in Sydney.

Eastcoast Sailing Easter Weekend Boat Hire

How long to Hire a Boat in Sydney: As mentioned in the section above, some Boat Hires have a three or four hour time minimum. Some Yacht and Catamaran rentals can be arranged for  longer charters. If you’re looking for a lunch on Easter Sunday, you might consider one of the smaller boats and book in for a 4 hour minimum, or keep the fun going into the night! Just let us know what you need.

Boat rental layout: If you’re concerned about too much Sydney sun, or perhaps the odd rainfall, rest assured that most of the Boat Hires we provide in Sydney feature both indoor and outdoor gathering spaces. Some Boat rentals are designed for more outdoor lounging or for cosy indoor parties, so just ask us if you’re not sure which one to pick.


So if you’re looking for a special break this Easter, consider a Boat Hire in Sydney as a unique place to break out those homemade hot cross buns and give your family an Easter to remember.

Take Your Night Out To The Next Level With A Party Boat Hire In Sydney

While Sydney nightlife has taken the hit in recent years and seen club closures and earlier shut down hours, Sydney residents are still out and about looking for a solid party. If you’re planning a big night out with friends, coworkers, or even clients, go for a Party Boat Hire in Sydney and let us create an evening experience that will definitely go down in the history of your most memorable celebrations. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday, maybe you got a new job, or maybe you just want to show your closest friends a really great time. Either way, a Party Boat or Luxury boat hire will be appreciated by all.

East Coast Sailing Party Boat Hire In Sydney

So you’ve decided to plan the ultimate Party Boat Hire in Sydney, but now you need to sort out the details. Whether you’ve got a small, intimate gathering in mind, or a massive dance party with 100 or more acquaintances, we have boats and catering options to accommodate. Read on for some details on what types of boat hire parties we can help you organise!

The highlight information on Party Boat Hire in Sydney:

  • Organise an intimate party for two, or go big and hire a luxury boat for 100 people!
  • Work with our events manager to create a personalised event that represents you and your party boat guests.
  • Beyond the boat hire itself, you can enjoy an array of drinks, food, and many types of music.
  • We’ll set up your Boat Hire with a booming sound system, a DJ and other activities like casino games, laser target shooting and karaoke, just let us know what you and your guests are into.
  • Catering can be selected from a wide range of menu options from finger food, cheese platters and nibbles to formal dining or buffets.
  • We can provide very little to an entire crew, staff, and full catering spread, just let us know what you need.

Besides thinking about what kind of music you want, you’ll also get to decide on what sort of vessel to host your Boat party. You can choose from a luxury Sydney boat hire with a full galley kitchen, a private chef, and your own wait staff, or you can simply go for small bites and cocktails, and mingle amongst yourselves. Different boat hire options have different inclusions and optional extras.

East Coast Sailing Party Boat Hire In Sydney

Options for your Boat hire:

  • Overnight boat hire is a great option that will allow you and your guests to party into the night without any worries about how to get home safely or who will drive the car. You can choose from motor cruises, high end luxury boats and sailing yachts depending on the number of guests. Overnight boat hires usually start with pricing for 2 people, including linen and continental breakfast, plus a per person option for dinner. You can add on extra guests with additional bedding and catering. Overnight boat hires can accommodate anywhere from 2-16 people with only the bare essentials, or, for a truly magical event, go for a full wait staff, catering, and drinks. Check out the overnight boat hire options here.

East Coast Sailing Party Boat Hire In Sydney

  • Catamaran charters are another popular choice for Party Boat hires, especially if you’re planning on having a larger guest list. Catamarans are characteristically more spacious and have a smoother, more stable ride, so they’re perfect for keeping drinks from clinking around on the table and they provide the steadiest dance floor for everyone to get their boogie on. Check out Catamaran Hire options in Sydney here.
  • Another option for your Party Boat event is to choose from our list of luxury boats or skippered yacht charters. These are the best options if you’re trying to make a lasting impression at a corporate event and give your guests a true ‘wow’ experience. These are also perfect for entertaining new and potential clients, or for rewarding your staff members with an elegant night out together. If you don’t have a particular event to celebrate or clients to impress, there’s no reason you can’t simply treat your friends to a wonderful night on the waters of the Sydney Harbour.
East Coast Sailing Party Boat Hire In Sydney


Now that you’ve got your head around what your options are for a Party Boat hire, get in touch today and let’s start dreaming up your perfect Boat Party in Sydney.

Corporate Boat Charters in Sydney For Your The Perfect Business Function

Corporate Boat Charters in Sydney For Your The Perfect Business Function

Bring a bit of excitement back to your business this year and hire one of East Coast Sailings Corporate Boat Charter in Sydney. You will be surprised what it can do for your business and it’s culture!

Sydney Harbour Corporate Boat Charter

Hire a Corporate Boat Charter in Sydney on the Harbour

Unsure of what to do on a yacht? Keep reading for some corporate boat charter ideas.

Christmas parties are the pinnacle of corporate boat charter events in Sydney.  This is a great way to show your appreciation for your employees, and celebrate a fabulous and successful year within the business.

With options of hors-d’oeuvre, sit down meals and free flow alcohol, let this Christmas party be one that no one will forget. Mingle and socialise with colleagues in an environment, that helps form close relationships and strengthen connections ready for the next year.  With closer knit teams, this friendly atmosphere can be conveyed throughout the entire workplace.  The type of boats suitable for a Christmas party mainly depends on the number of guests and the design of the vessel you think would best suit.

Corporate Boat Charter Hire

Private Corporate Boat Charters in Sydney with East Coast Sailing are a way to provide a lively and unforgettable experience.

Hiring a Corporate Boat Charter from Eastcoast Sailing you will find a magnificent fleet to choose from. Packages are available with all yachts which include food and beverage options which can all be found here.

Improve Team Morality – Bland Team Building Activities Don’t Work Anymore.

What better way to get involved in a team building day than having a sailing regatta on the harbour in a Corporate Boat Charter? Instead of in a boring work or meeting room have a team building day onboard. Test leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills, along with bringing out individuals competitive sides with a yacht race. Race against each other in a fun environment where teamwork and cooperation are key factors needed to win. It is the perfect activity in which participants can engage in at any age, gender or fitness level. Boats most suitable for team building activities are yachts, catamarans and motor cruisers.  

Impress Clients & Seal The Deal

Sometimes sealing a deal can be all about impressing a client with luxury and class.  Take your clients on a cruise around whilst discussing your business ventures. Let the harbour experience help with the art of persuasion or invite current clients to maintain your strong business relationship. Boats appropriate for this include the luxury yachts and boats that are suitable for around 10 -50 people.  To find out more information about our luxury yachts and boat charters available search here.

New Product Launch?

Launching a new product is an exciting time, why not match that excitement by launching it on a luxury yacht experience! Create hype for the product whilst cruising through the Harbour, and get this new addition to the business off to a great start! Eastcoast Sailing offers yachts suitable for product launches in a large or more confined setting, take a look.

Hire Corporate Boat Charter

Corporate Boat Charter Sydney Hire

Reward Your Employees

Employees are the glue to your business. Without employees, all of the amazing work that occurs throughout the year wouldn’t happen without your amazing team. Maybe you hit a tough budget this week. Maybe your team completed a major project that will reap large benefits. Or maybe you want to organise a sporadic event to keep everyone motivated throughout the year. Hire a Corporate Boat Charter for a period or for the entire day, and take the time to thank your employees. Whether this be an invitation outreach to the particularly high achievers or the whole crew, it will convey the message to your employees that their work is appreciated and they are valued. This is extremely beneficial for the work culture and for employee performance.  

Struggling to keep your business ideas?

Get your team out of their normal way of thinking by getting onto Sydney Harbour! Let the ideas flow as you float on the waves. Moving meetings from land to water is an ever increasing new executive craze. With Corporate Boat Charters providing all of the facilities needed and more to provide a productive and creative meeting or conference. It is no surprise that more and more businesses are undertaking this concept too. With food and beverage packages available with all yachts, you can decide how extravagant or low key you would like your meeting to be.


Boat hire Pittwater: Secret locations to avoid the crowds

Sydney is blessed by having many of the country’s top beaches including Bondi, Coogee, Cronulla and Manly. Not to mention the the beautiful sandy Sydney Harbour beaches like Quarantine Beach, Balmoral Beach, and Athol Bay. Whilst these may be get busy at times, many beaches surrounding the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in the area of Pittwater, just 25km north of Sydney Harbour, are a peaceful alternative. A Boat hire Pittwater is the best way to access these beaches. Ensure that you have a relaxing day out by avoiding the crowds with Eastcoast Sailing.     

Here are some of the most secluded spots to sail to as you make your way around Pittwater.

Morning Bay

Morning Bay is home to Towlers Bay beach. This area is a perfect secluded spot to visit with boats moored off the sand flats. The beach itself is 60 meters long and has a shallow shore line ideal for children to play in. Towlers bay was originally named after Bill Toler, a 19th century resident, however, the name was changed to Morning Bay in 1984.  

Boat hire Pittwater Morning BayBoat hire Pittwater Morning Bay

Portuguese Beach

Portuguese Beach is an 80 meter long beach located in Portuguese Bay. The beach enjoys calm conditions due to its shelter from the wind. Due to its steep ridges, access to the beach by land is difficult. This makes it a quiet area to sail to and an ideal lunch spot on your tour around Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Boat hire Pittwater Portuguese BeachBoat hire Pittwater portuguese beach map

Resolute Beach

If you are a fan of crystal clear water and ideal swimming conditions then visiting Resolute Beach is a must. Access to the beach via the 8km trail is quite difficult which means it is avoided by many tourists. Luckily, the spot is perfect for boat access.     

Boat hire Pittwater Resolute BeachBoat hire Pittwater Resolute Beach

Flint and Steel Beach

Whilst this spot can be entered from land, floating in on a Boat hire Pittwater is an ideal way of gaining access. Flint and Steel beach is a largely unknown spot but it is not uncommon to see many people fishing and snorkelling nearby.   

Boat hire Pittwater Flint and Steel beachBoat hire Pittwater Flint and Steel beach

Hungry Beach

Hungry Beach is a great spot if you like cliffs and caves. Many travellers report it as a good lunch/picnic spot as conditions can be a bit calmer than other beaches in the area. With no form of land access available, you can expect to have the place mostly to yourself.

Boat hire Pittwater Hungry beachBoat hire Pittwater Hungry beach







Whilst Pittwater contains some more secluded areas, a guide to the areas beaches would not be complete without mentioning The Basin and Great Mackerel Beach.

The Basin

The Basin is a great spot for day trips as the area contains a campground with BBQ facilities, easy access to the national park and plenty of wildlife. The structure of the bay means calm waters ideal for kids to play in. This lagoon like area is therefore also known as a good spot for beginner paddle boarders.


Boat hire Pittwater The BasinBoat hire Pittwater The Basin

Great Mackerel Beach

Great Mackerel Beach stretches for 640m making it the largest beach on the western shore. The area is home to a small town of the same name which is home to less than 50 residents. The Beach enjoys calm conditions and there is a centrally located jetty where small boats can be accessed to reach larger boats moored offshore.

Boat hire Pittwater Great Mackerel BeachBoat hire Pittwater Great Mackerel Beach







A Boat hire Pittwater is an ideal way to escape the busy nature of Sydney’s mainstream beach locations. Choose from a range of Eastcoast Sailing’s Yacht charter and Catamaran options to explore these hidden gems. Alternatively you can contact Eastcoast Sailing to find what’s best for you.  


5 Great Reasons To Charter A Yacht In Sydney For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might be looking for some inspiration as to how to celebrate the special Day in Sydney. Sure, you could treat your second half to a nice meal out or a trip to the movies. However, if you’re looking for something extra special this year then why not consider chartering a yacht in Sydney Harbour this Valentine’s? If you aren’t interested in, you might be interested in finding out more about chartering yachts, you might want to check out somewhere similar to https://www.northropandjohnson.com/shipyard/feadship-yachts-for-sale-6266.htm for more info.

There are so many great reasons to charter a yacht in Sydney for Valentine’s Day. Here at Eastcoast Sailing, we have a fantastic range of yachts, boats and catamarans available for hire. So, whether you’re looking for a romantic evening with your partner or if you’re planning on spending the night out with your friends, we’ve come up with our top 5 things you can do on a yacht charter in Sydney this Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy dinner on the water

One of the best reasons to charter a yacht in Sydney for Valentine’s Day is that you can enjoy a candlelight dinner right on the water in Sydney Harbour. With our wide range of yachts, you can purchase one of our food and beverage packages, many of which include wait staff. Alternatively, you could cook your own meal on board and enjoy spectacular views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as you eat. One of the best things about a yacht charter is that you get to skip Valentine’s Day crowds because let’s face it, standing in line or struggling to be heard in a busy restaurant doesn’t sound romantic to anyone. You could also get Photographers in Sydney to capture the best moments of your evening. A perfect photo to remember the perfect Valentine’s Day is always nice.

Save on hotel costs

Getting a yacht charter in Sydney for Valentine’s Day might sound extravagant, but here at Eastcoast Sailing, we have plenty of affordable boats, yachts and catamarans for hire. Hiring a yacht for the night means you can enjoy an evening in Sydney without the extortionate hotel prices on Valentine’s Day. What’s more, a private overnight yacht charter means you can get away from it all with a more memorable and unique experience.

EastCoast Sailing Valentine's Day Yacht Charter Sydney

Enjoy the beaches around Sydney Harbour

All of our private hire yachts come with their own professional skipper who will be happy to anchor up at any one of the stunning beaches around Sydney Harbour. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than relaxing at the beach before going back to your own private yacht? We also have a BBQ option available with our packages so you can enjoy the ultimate Valentine’s Day spent in the sun.

Last minute availability

If you’ve left it a little late to book your Valentine’s accommodation or dinner reservations in Sydney then we’ve got you covered. Eastcoast Sailing has a huge range of boats, yachts and catamarans that are still available for hire this Valentine’s Day 2019.

EastCoast Sailing Valentine's Day Yacht Charter Sydney

Celebrate with friends on a party boat

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be for couples. If you’re single there’s no need to spend the evening in front of the television. Instead, celebrate Valentine’s Day in style and charter a yacht with a group of your friends. Here at Eastcoast Sailing, our food and beverage packages allow you to customise your own party boat so you can spend the evening enjoying drinks, music and canapés on board your own private boat. It definitely beats having to join loved up couples in a restaurant.

Whatever your needs are for Valentine’s Day in Sydney, we’ve got you covered for 2019 at Eastcoast Sailing. Our fantastic range of yachts, boats and catamarans offer a truly memorable way to celebrate this special day with the ones that you love. Contact us today to book your Valentine’s Day boat hire in Sydney now.

Why you should hire a boat for Australia day in Sydney 2019

If there’s one time of year that is good excuse to celebrate, it’s Australia Day. Seeing as it’s Australia’s biggest public holiday, it’s no surprise that there is plenty going on in Sydney to keep you occupied this January 26th. While events are going on all over the city, it’s Sydney Harbour that you’ll want to base yourself as that is where most of the celebrations are held. From the iconic Ferrython to the Australia Day Concert, there are so many reasons to celebrate in Sydney and if you’re worried about fighting for a spot in the crowds, we’ve got you covered – here’s why you should hire a boat for Australia Day in Sydney.

Here at Eastcoast Sailing, we have some fantastic options when it comes to Australia Day boat hire. Whether you’re looking for private yachts and catamarans or you fancy living it up with your friends on one of the many party boats- either way, we’ve got you covered.

Australia Day Boat Hire

Celebrating Australia Day on the water and getting up close to all of the celebrations in Sydney Harbour is the ideal way to spend the day. We have a fantastic range of boats to hire for Australia Day including catamaran rentals and yachts which all come with a professional skipper, so you can sit back, crack open a drink and enjoy the celebrations.

Party Boat Hire

Alternatively if there is a big group of you, then why not celebrate Australia Day on one of our party boats? We have a range of vessels available for you and your friends to party on with some fantastic packages. Whatever your needs or budget, you’ll be sure to find one of our packages that suits you. Popular choices include: beverages, canapés or buffet, wait staff, surround sound and even a DJ.

What to do on Australia Day in Sydney

As If you needed anymore convincing – here are some of the many perks of renting a boat for Australia Day in Sydney.

Sydney ferrython

The iconic Sydney ferrython is a must do for those visiting the city this Australia Day. The race starts at 11am at which the ferries race from Circular Quay to Shark Island and back. You can watch this race from many spots around the harbour or alternatively, hire one of our boats and then be part of the Sydneython ferry flotilla itself.

Evening fireworks

Imagine watching the Australia Day fireworks with your friends from the comfort of you own yacht – well with one of our boat hires you can do just that. Our skippers can anchor up you boat at many points in the harbour meaning that you can get a fantastic view of the fireworks, without having to fight with the crowds.

Harbour Beaches

If Australia Day means a chance to relax to you, then our Australia Day boat hire gives you the chance to do that. Why not rent one of our yachts and sit back, relax and enjoy a chilled day with family and let us do all the hard work. All of our private hire boats come with skippers who will be happy to anchor you close to the many stunning beaches around Sydney Harbour where you can swim and enjoy some food and drinks on the boat.

East Coast Sailing Boat Hire Sydney Harbour


– What Packages do you have available

All of our private hire boats come with professional skippers so you can relax and enjoy your day without the hassle. If you would like to make you experience that little bit more special, we have plenty of packages on offer for you too. Packages can includes: Drinks, canapes, buffet, waitstaff, music and DJ’s so contact us to today to help find the right package for you.

– How much does it cost?

We have a huge selection of yachts, catamarans and boats on offer that are suitable for a range of budgets with prices starting from $400 per hour. You can view our range of boats available for hire here or feel free to contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

-How do i book a boat for Australia Day ?

To see what availability we have for Australia Day, please contact us today to speak to a friendly member of our team.