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4 Of Sydney’s Hidden Beaches That Can Be Accessed By A Catamaran

Looking to get away from the crowds for your next beach day? Sydney has many hidden gems along the harbour, which you can discover during your time on Eastcoast Sailing’s catamarans. All accessible by catamarans, below are our top 4 Sydney’s hidden beaches.

Sydney’s hidden beaches are are best experienced from the comfort of your luxurious catamaran. Our services guarantee utmost pleasure for you and your friends or family .

Chinaman’s Beach, Mosman

Chinaman’s Beach Sydney's Hidden Beaches

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Mosman, one of Sydney’s most beautiful residential enclaves, is the home to Chinaman’s Beach. This beach is located inside Middle Harbour at the Northern perimeter of Mosman. A well sheltered and peaceful beach, it is the perfect location to drop anchor at! Enjoy a BBQ or wine and dine with your loved ones or jump in for a relaxing swim. You can access this hidden beach in Sydney via our Catamaran Hire Sydney Fusion 40 – the perfect choice for sailing and cruising.

Redleaf Beach, Double Bay

Redleaf Beach Sydney's Hidden Beaches

Image credits: On The Grid

Redleaf Beach is one of Sydney’s hidden beach that sits on the harbour side and one that you would not want to miss out on! Situated in the beautiful Double Bay precinct, it is best discovered by a boat or catamaran. With a picturesque scenery and still water, Redleaf Beach makes a perfect spot to drop your anchor and enjoy some activities with family and friends. Take a dive into the strikingly blue ocean water to cool off, or have a picnic onboard with your friends. These are just some of the many activities you can do on our catamarans. Redleaf Beach is most certainly one of the many hidden beaches in Sydney that Eastcoast Sailing can take you to on our catamarans for hire

Store Beach, Manly

Store Beach Sydney's Hidden Beaches

Image credits: TimeOut

Sydney’s hidden Store Beach is truly a tropical paradise on the Sydney harbour. Store Beach is one of the most secluded yet beautiful beaches in Sydney. It is located 10km away from the CBD and is only accessible by water. With Eastcoast Sailing’s Adelina 50 Foot Catamaran Charter, you can enjoy the majestic views of the harbour and natural habitats on the beach while enjoying the great company of your friends and family.  While you are riding Eastcoast Sailing’s catamarans, you might get a chance to spot some penguins. This beach is a breeding ground for these adorable creatures.

Kutti Beach, Vaucluse

Kutti Beach Sydney's Hidden Beaches

Image credits: Dreaming Of Down Under

Palm trees, sailboats, beachfront mansions and a secret pathway. Sounds like your type of beach? It probably is. Tucked away between Parsley Beach and Watsons Bay, Kutti Beach is the hidden ‘Touch of Paradise’. A perfect oasis with palm trees and secret pathways, this hidden beach in Sydney makes a perfect location for a party or getaway. Access this getaway paradise with the Cruise Cat Vessel Hire Sydney, if you are looking for a weekend that is memorable. This catamaran is the perfect entertainment hub with the capacity of up to 49 guests. 

All of our catamaran hire services are tailored to your individual requirements. We cruise to all of Sydney’s hidden beaches. With Eastcoast Sailing, you and your guests can enjoy some great food and activities anywhere. These locations are perfect for any occasion, and so are our diverse range of catamarans with different functions and capacities. Contact Eastcoast Sailing now on 1300 883 023 to find out more about our services. Alternatively you can fill our enquiry form online. 

We also offer boat and yacht hires, as well as private boat charters that are perfect for special events like birthdays, hens party or even overnight stays.

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In conversation with SEO Melbourne on the challenges faced during the pandemic

Kylie Noble, our Director at Eastcoast Sailing discusses with Girish Sawlani, Accounts Director of SEO Melbourne, on the challenges that the boat charter sector faced during the pandemic. The podcast focuses on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Eastcoast Sailing in particular, and how we adopted different strategies to overcomes the challenges. Additionally, it touches on the role of SEO for the growth of the company.

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Why Hiring A Catamaran For Your Cruise Party Will Take It To The Next Level

Are you bogged down with ideas for your next party? Want to organise one that will be the talk of the town? A fun affair for your family and friends? With Eastcoast Sailing, you can celebrate your birthday or special event in a unique and memorable manner. How? By renting our catamaran for a cruise party.

Just imagine…

You and your closest ones are enjoying each other’s company over drinks and great food. All of this away from the crowds and amidst the stunning scenery of the Sydney Harbour. Whether you are staying put or letting the wind sail you across the vastness of the ocean, you will never feel more at peace than at the ocean. Enjoy the exclusivity and privacy of your own catamaran with Eastcoast Sailing

Don’t just dine and wine. Do so while cruising along the harbour with Eastcoast Sailing Catamaran Hire Sydney at your next cruise party.

Eastcoast Sailing has an extensive fleet of skippered catamarans to rent for a variety of price-points. Catamarans are known for their spacious decks and stable sailing, which make them perfect for formal events and cruise parties. With our catamarans, you are guaranteed to have a fun time at your birthday, hens party, twilight sunset cruise, or whatever the occasion is.

Once onboard our catamarans, you will be able to discover Sydney’s hidden beaches & bays and cruise the incredible Sydney harbour. All this while spotting iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Fort Denison, and many more. A cruise party is a great opportunity to make precious memories and take beautiful photos with friends and family on your special day.Cruise Party Eastcoast Sailing

Here is why you should hire our catamarans for your birthday:

A large selection of our catamarans are sailing catamarans. This means that we can hoist up the sails for a relaxing sail around the harbour. Or, if it’s a calm day, we can motor around for a smooth cruise. Guests are more than welcome to help sail, but you can also sit back, relax and have fun onboard. Many catamarans also boast a trampoline, which are perfect for lazing around or sunbathing. These are especially popular in the warmer months.

Our catamarans have a shallow draft, which means that they can be moored close to the many beautiful beaches around the harbour. This is one of their best features. Feel free to drop anchor at one of the many boat-accessible only beaches, have a swim, pop some champagne, and soak in the Sydney skyline.

Wondering which catamaran is best for your cruise party?

If you are looking for a catamaran for a small party with your closest ones, our 10m Seawind 1000, which is suitable for up to 20 guests, is one of our many offerings.  For a bigger party of between 30 to 38 guests, the luxury Seawind 1160 Resort, which is renowned for its open spacious design is a popular choice. But if the 38-guest cap is too low-key for your cruise party and you are looking for something bigger, the Eclipse Catamaran Charter is the perfect choice. It is our largest catamaran with amazing onboard amenities including a fully licensed bar, elegant cocktail lounge, spacious fore & aft entertainment deck and a large dining area with a spectacular raised dance floor that is suspended over the water. What more could you ask for?

Seawind 1000 Catamaran Eastcoast Sailing

Seawind 1160 Resort Catamaran Eastcoast Sailing

 Eclipse Catamaran Charter Eastcoast SailingWith Eastcoast Sailing, you can find anything that you are looking for. We offer a wide range of catamarans for hire to suit your needs. And, when it comes to serving your guests well, Eastcoast Sailing goes above and beyond. Each catamaran comes with a host to help you host a memorable birthday cruise party. 

It is time to take your birthday party to the next level with Eastcoast Sailing’s catamaran range. Contact us today on 1300 883 023 or alternatively you can fill our enquiry form online. Catch you on the harbour!

Marketing Your Brand with a Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise

If a brand is defined as “the promise of a customer experience”, then a corporate function needs a cut-through and a truly memorable event. If you’re liaising with clients, pitching your products, or throwing a corporate event, the impression you make on your customers and the relationship you build with your employees is critical. Hiring out boardrooms and function centres is an overdone thing of the past. Sydney Harbour offers the world’s best backdrop for a function, so why not make the most of it? Market your brand with a Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise!

If you want to generate the right kind of exposure for your brand, sometimes it’s worth treating your clients and employees to a little luxury. At Eastcoast Sailing, we offer tailored Corporate Boat Charters, Catamaran Hire, Luxury Yacht Hire and Motor Cruises, perfect for any showcase event.  

Here’s how a Sydney Harbour corporate function could be the right move to make for your next company event: 

Build your Brand and Create More Exposure with a Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise

Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise

There’s nothing like a memorable function that gets people talking about your brand. Most of your competitors might be holding their networking events and client meetings in function halls or hotel boardrooms – but with Eastcoast Sailing, your brand will stand out.

Our Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise yacht, complete with an attentive crew, catering and outstanding event facilities, will be just the right move to market your brand. With the gorgeous cityscape views from the Sydney Harbour as your backdrop, you will be sure to impress your clients, diversify your brand image and maximise your brand exposure.

Product Launches with Pizazz

Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise - Inside Boat

Launching a new product or brand initiative is a major milestone moment for any brand, so don’t shy away from publicising your debut! By going all out on a product launch your brand will rouse clients and get your target market talking. And nothing says event of the century like the iconic Sydney Harbour.

Kick your campaign off the right way with inspiring cityscapes views, relaxing Harbour cruising and gorgeous interiors. With our luxury Boat Charter and Catamaran options here at Eastcoast Sailing, make sure to give your new product justice with a truly unique launch.


Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise

Impress Your Clients and Prospects

Convey that you’re serious about having them aboard your team. When it comes to impressing clients and prospects it’s never wrong to go above and beyond! And how could anyone resist a gorgeous, exciting day on the harbour? When treating your client to one of our luxury corporate charters, your brand will be known for holding a simple seminar or a business meeting with a touch of style and excitement.

Who could forget a business meeting on the Sydney harbour, watching the city lights in the evening with drinks and canapés? Book a Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise today!

Boost Employee Engagement on a Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise

Corporate relationship building is essential to constructing a cohesive, productive team, and it is important that your employees can work together. So, what better way to learn more about your desk buddies than to challenge them to a yacht race around the Sydney Harbour? Show your employees a team-building day that will be like never before. With Sailing Regattas, Treasure Hunts, or Sailing lessons on the harbour, a Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise will only strengthen your office.  A team that knows how to work together will always achieve more! 

Staff Awards Programs and Kick-off Events

Sydney Harbour Corporate Cruise - Talking Outside On Boat

At the heart of the company is the employee, so let them know that they’re appreciated! You can always go for the usual office party or function centre awards ceremony. But why not treat your employees to something special? Staff awards programs and kick-off events will be made all the more memorable with a beautiful day on the harbour, fully catered with a delicious menu and attentive wait staff. It doesn’t matter how small or large your team is, here at Eastcoast Sailing we have corporate boat charters suitable for any corporate team. 

Trust us, there is no better way to build your brand and entertain your clients, than with Eastcoast Sailing. Fully managed to the highest professional standards, our skippered charters take in Sydney’s best sights. You will cruise Sydney Harbour, sailing past the Opera House and the Bridge, among other stunning Sydney landmarks. 

At Eastcoast Sailing, we offer private boat charters, charters for special events like birthdays, Australia Day, and Christmas, and Pittwater boat hire. Contact us today to book your next corporate event or to know more about our services. 

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Sydney Yacht Hire: Sunday Family Cruise

Summer is well upon us and many families are enjoying the extra time they have together while the kids are on holidays. During the holidays and weekends, we’ve got a chance to spend time together in ways that go beyond watching TV on the couch. Living in Sydney means that good weather is abundant almost year round.  As such, the best family activities can take place outdoors, or even atop the sparkling blue waters of Sydney Harbour. Next time you’ve got a free Sunday morning, consider a Sydney Yacht Hire for a special treat for the family.


Ideas for Family Plans on a Sydney Yacht Hire

Whether it’s just a normal Sunday or a special event, booking a Yacht Hire in Sydney is a great way to bring your friends and family together. A few examples are:

A Family Reunion. Get everyone back together and take group photos out on the water with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as your backdrops.

Family Fun. Cruising or sailing on Sydney Harbour – what a great way for families to have fun together and create amazing memories.

Take the kids out. Take an opportunity to teach the kids a bit about Sydney Harbour from atop the water itself. This is a great way to keep them engaged whilst enjoying a morning out on the sea.

You don’t need a reason. Who said you need a reason to have a special day out? Show your family a great day that’s  totally different from the average Sunday breakfast at home. Pack your favourite food or let us cater for you.

East Coast Sailing Family Sunday

What to bring for your Family’s Sydney Yacht Hire: 

Phone or Camera: You’ll definitely be getting some incredible backdrops and photo ops so make sure you’ve got your camera along and your phone charged up so you don’t miss any unique shots.

Sun protection: Bring sunscreen, hats, and clothing to cover up. Depending on the weather, you may need extra sun protection so no one goes home with a sunburn. Make sure you’ve got everything you need to get the most out of a beautiful day out on a yacht in the Sydney Harbour.

Food: You can either pack your own picnic basket, or let us do the catering for you. We’ve got catering options from BBQ, to finger food, to seafood and sushi platters. Check out the catering menu to figure out what suits your family. Make sure to let us know about any dietary requirements you may have! We’ll always try our best to accommodate you.

Change of clothing: Just in case anyone gets wet, or if the weather takes a turn, bring some extra clothing with you. We recommend a pair of pants and sleeves, as well as swimmers or warm weather clothing.

Sunday Family Cruise East Coast Sailing

What are the Sydney Yacht Hire Options?

Eastcoast Sailing has an enormous fleet of skippered yachts that can be hired out on the Sydney Harbour. You can peruse our expansive list of Yacht hire options here, or get in touch with us to help you make a selection. Sydney Yacht Hires typically vary by the number of people who will be on board, how long you will be out on the water, what activities you are planning on doing, and whether you’re having a full catering provided.


If you and your family would like to participate in sailing the yachts, trimming the headsail, hauling the mainsail, and even steering the helm, we have a range of options for you as well. Some families want to jump right in to the sailing experience while others are happy to sit back and enjoy the cruise. You choose what works for you!


Sunset Catamaran Hire in Sydney

If you’re looking for a unique way to appreciate the sunset over the iconic Sydney Harbour, then consider  a sunset catamaran hire with East Coast Sailing.  Our catamarans are ideal for entertaining guests, due to their large space and extra stability. Catamarans are great to hire for formal events, or simply as a special way to enjoy time with friends and the sun goes down. The unique stability features of the catamaran hire allows you to enjoy your event without worrying about drinks rocking around or cutlery sliding across the table. Whether for a private cruise, or corporate event, a catamaran hire means you can enjoy a calm and relaxed sunset with plenty of room for friends, family, loved ones and plus ones.


Options for catamaran hire:

Up to 24 Guests:

Seawind 1000: Catamaran Charter up to 20 guests, shallow draft allows close anchoring to harbour beaches.

Seawind 1000XL: similar to the above, up to 20 guests, but slightly longer with added comforts. Additionally, good weather protection allows for ideal cruising.

Seawind 1250: Catamaran Hire, up to 24 guests, minimum of 3-4 hours charter depending on the season. Furthermore, enjoy a luxury saloon, good weather protection, BBQ facilities, and a good sound system.


Up to 35 Guests:

Seawind 1160: Catamaran Charter, up to 30 guests

Seawind 1050: Resort, up to 30 guests with fully covered cockpit and a large lounge for entertaining.

Wanderlust: Catamaran Charter, up to 35 guests plus crew, with large foredecks and cockpit.

Lagoon 440 :Catamaran Hire, up to 33 guests, with spacious cockpit and saloon.

Fusion 40: Catamaran Hire, up to 30 guests, indoor and outdoor seating, well equipped with fridge, BBQ and cooking facilities.


Up to 47 Guests:

Seawind 1160: Resort Party Boat, up to 43 guests. Enjoy a huge lounge area with BBQ facilities, swim ladder and a great sound system.

Harbourcat: Catamaran hire, up to 44 guests. Additionally, enjoy access to paddleboards, inflatable lounge, snorkeling equipment and a large deck with 360 degree views.

48 Foot Catamaran: Hire caters to up to 44 guests. This is the ideal party boat with plenty of room for lounging, barbecuing and listening to music.

Adelina 50 foot: Catamaran charter, up to 47 guests, options to self-cater or enjoy a wait staff. Sailing capacity, quality sound system, as well as an LCD screen for watching games or presentations.

East Coast Sailing Bridge Sunset

Larger Groups: 

Vessels holding maximum guests of to 80-240:


Sydney Crystal: Function Catamaran, up to 80 guests for cocktails, with a fully licensed bar, sound system and motor cruiser with sails.

MV Morpheus: Catamaran Hire, holds up to 98 guests, 3 dining areas, full galley with chef, dance floor, flat screen TV and sound system.

Jerry Bailey: Function Catamaran Hire, holds 60 -185 guests with two distinct dining areas, wrap around decks, extensive catering options, and all-weather compatible.

MV Coast: Function Catamaran Hire, 60-135 guests, Luxury cocktail bar, 4 distinct dining areas, extensive menu and quality sound system.

MV Eclipse :Catamaran Hire Sydney, up to 240 guests for a cocktail style dining, with a cocktail lounge and a dance floor raised above the water. Due to its versatility, this vessel can adapt to small or large parties.


We have a truly extensive fleet of Catamaran options that can be hired to enjoy the sunset on the iconic Sydney Harbour. Check out our comprehensive list of chartered Catamarans here. Otherwise, get in touch with us and we’ll help you choose the appropriate vessel.


Below are the notable features on our Catamaran hires that will help you choose the right boat for hire for your sunset on the harbour:

  • Large decks and sunny areas for lounging
  • Covered areas for weather protection and comfort of guests
  • Spacious and stable for comfortable cruising
  • Some catamarans have Sailing capacities
  • BBQ facilities
  • Fridge, freezer and cooking facilities
  • Quality sound system
  • Audio / Visual capabilities for corporate presentations
  • Options to BYO or enjoy catering
  • Options for waitstaff

Sunset boat East Coast Sailing

Some of the vessels are equipped for self-catering and BBQ, while others offer the option of food and drink packages, a galley and chef, and even a full waitstaff. We know you’ll be able to find the perfect Catamaran Hire for an epic sunset cruise on the Sydney Harbour.



5 Great Reasons To Charter A Yacht In Sydney For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might be looking for some inspiration as to how to celebrate the special Day in Sydney. Sure, you could treat your second half to a nice meal out or a trip to the movies. However, if you’re looking for something extra special this year then why not consider chartering a yacht in Sydney Harbour this Valentine’s?

There are so many great reasons to charter a yacht in Sydney for Valentine’s Day. Here at East Coast Sailing, we have a fantastic range of yachts, boats and catamarans for hire in Sydney. So, whether you’re looking for a romantic evening with your partner or if you’re planning on spending the night out with your friends, we’ve come up with our top 5 things you can do on a yacht charter in Sydney this Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy dinner on the water with a Valentine’s day yacht

One of the best reasons to charter a yacht in Sydney for Valentine’s Day is that you can enjoy a candlelight dinner right on the water in Sydney Harbour. With our wide range of yachts, you can purchase one of our food and beverage packages, many of which include wait staff. Alternatively, you could cook your own meal on board and enjoy spectacular views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as you eat. At East Coast Sailing, we offer a range of catering services with our yachts and catamarans, saving you the hassle of booking a spot at a crowded restaurants or cooking a full meal yourself.

One of the best things about a yacht charter is that you get to skip Valentine’s Day crowds because let’s face it, standing in line or struggling to be heard in a busy restaurant doesn’t sound romantic to anyone. You could also get Photographers in Sydney to capture the best moments of your evening. A perfect photo to remember the perfect Valentine’s Day is always nice.

Save on hotel costs

Getting a yacht charter in Sydney for Valentine’s Day might sound extravagant, but not to fret. Here at East Coast Sailing, we have plenty of affordable boats, yachts and catamarans for hire. Hiring a yacht for the night means you can enjoy an evening in Sydney without the extortionate hotel prices on Valentine’s Day. What’s more, a private overnight yacht charter means you can get away from it all with a more memorable and unique experience.

EastCoast Sailing Valentine's Day Yacht Charter Sydney

Enjoy the beaches around Sydney Harbour

All of our private hire yachts come with their own professional skipper who will be happy to anchor up at any one of the stunning beaches around Sydney Harbour. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than relaxing at the beach before going back to your own private yacht? We also have a BBQ option available with our packages so you can enjoy the ultimate Valentine’s Day spent in the sun.

Last minute availability

If you’ve left it a little late to book your Valentine’s accommodation or dinner reservations in Sydney, then we’ve got you covered. East Coast Sailing has a huge range of boats, yachts and catamarans that are still available for hire this Valentine’s Day 2019.

EastCoast Sailing Valentine's Day Yacht Charter Sydney

Celebrate with friends on a party boat

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be for couples. If you’re single there’s no need to spend the evening in front of the television. Instead, celebrate Valentine’s Day in style and charter a yacht with a group of your friends. Here at East Coast Sailing, our food and beverage packages allow you to customise your own party boat so you can spend the evening enjoying drinks, music and canapés on board your own private boat. It definitely beats having to join loved up couples in a restaurant.

Whatever your needs are for Valentine’s Day in Sydney, we’ve got you covered for 2020 at East Coast Sailing. Our fantastic range of yachts, boats and catamarans offer a truly memorable way to celebrate this special day with the ones that you love. Call us at 1300 883 023 to book your Valentine’s Day boat hire in Sydney now. We’d love to help you create a magical Valentine’s Day this year!

Corporate Entertainment on a Yacht: Wow Your Customers

If you’re planning a corporate event in Sydney and you really want to wow your customers or your staff, consider taking your corporate event to the next level and hire a luxury boat! Every effort made to impress your clients and employees will be enhanced by backdrops of Sydney’s iconic landmarks. All the fine food and drinks will be had while gazing out upon Sydney Harbour’s sparkling blue waters. 


Luxury Cruise or Team Building 

When planning a corporate event on a Boat Hire in Sydney, there are two main ways to go about it. By letting us plan a luxury cruise in the Harbour for you, you’ll be able to impress clients and colleagues alike. If you’re hoping to reward your employees for another year of hard work by hiring a Sydney Boat Charter that allows them to come together outside of work hours.


If you’d like to host a corporate event for your staff or clients that involves team-building, book in for a sailing regatta experience. Our Team Building Sailing packages get your staff working together and learning new skills in boat-sailing. Our friendly skippers will teach your team how to pull lines, trim the sails, as well as learning skills in tracking, gybing, steering, and understanding wind patterns. Team Sailing events are always fun and entertaining! They give your staff a tactile sense of accomplishment and the ability to work together towards an exciting and practical outcome. 

East Coast Sailing Team Building Corporate

Wine and Dine

Food and drinks are a crucial part of any party, whether you’re wowing your best clients or congratulating your staff. One one of our Sydney Cruises, food can be provided in a few different ways:

  • BYO: 

Bring everything yourself if you’ve got a favourite catering company or you’ve got a super keen picnic-making crew on hand. You can bring your own plasticware for a more casual event, or pay a small BYO fee to use our crockery and washing up supplies. This is probably most appropriate for a smaller, casual corporate event that involves staff members. 

  • On-Shore dining: 

If you’d like to let your guests mingle over drinks while enjoying the view for longer, you can host dinner on-shore at the end of the event. We can recommend tasteful harbourside dining with easy yacht access to enjoy an elegant meal looking out on the harbour. 

  • Catering on your Boat Hire:

Let us take care of the food and drinks for your corporate event so you can enjoy your Sydney Harbour cruise hire. We offer both a beverage catering service and a lunch and dinner service. 

Drinks: Choose from our list of elegant wines, champagnes and beers, as well as soft drinks and sparkling water for those who don’t consume alcohol. 

Food: We have an extensive food catering menu that can suit a myriad of party styles.

East Coast Sailing Corporate Regatta

View the comprehensive catering menu here or contact us to assist with menu selection.

There is no better way is there to truly show appreciation for your staff, or to wow your clients than a memorable day out on the famous waters of the Sydney Harbour. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you plan your unique corporate event.

Private Boat Charters in Sydney for Memorable Date Nights

Looking to treat your significant other to a romantic night out? Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or you’re just looking for something new and exciting that you can share with your partner, Eastcoast Sailing has got you covered. While dinner at a fancy restaurant is a classic evening date, try expanding your horizons by hiring out a private boat charter. With the beautiful city view of Sydney as your backdrop, you’re sure to blow your partner away with an unforgettable experience.  

Here at Eastcoast Sailing, we offer a wide array of private boat charters for hire, ranging from motor cruises to luxury yachts. With our options, you will be taken on a skippered twilight cruise around the Sydney harbour, after which the skipper will securely moor the boat to a nice bay on the harbour so that you and your significant other can enjoy the rest of your magical evening in private. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should choose to hire a private boat charter for your next date night. 

Enjoy a Dinner Out at Sea 

date night private boat hire Sydney Eastcoast sailing
Elevate your classic dinner date by having it on one of our luxury private boats. You and your partner can enjoy a delicious, romantic candlelit dinner whilst taking in the amazing view of the Sydney skyline. Our food and beverage packages are as impressive as any meal you can get on land, and many of them include helpful and attentive wait staff, so you get the full luxury experience. At Eastcoast Sailing, we’re all about making your experience with us as special as possible, and value the memories that you make while you’re using our services. We’ll throw in a bottle of champagne for your romantic night at sea, because no date night is complete without a glass of champagne.  

Save Yourself the Hassle

Organizing dates require a lot of planning, which can be stressful, especially if you’ve got a lot on your plate. We understand this. That’s why at Eastcoast Sailing, we strive to make your night as magical as it is stress-free. With our catering services, helpful staff and dedicated team of skippers, you can rest easy knowing that we have everything under control, down to the last details. Let go of your worries and focus on spending time with your partner – after all, that’s what a romantic date night is all about. Impressing your partner with an unforgettable night has never been so easy.

Overnight stay

boat charter date night Eastcoast sailing

Why let the magic end? With our overnight boat charters, you can choose to stay the night and enjoy the breathtaking views of the sunset and sunrise along the Sydney horizon. We match the luxury, ease and comfort of a hotel despite our affordable prices, and offer you a unique, world-class view of the Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Opera House as you enjoy well-earned quality time with your significant other. With our overnight boat charters, you’ll be able to enjoy a hearty breakfast before ending your unforgettable experience on board – it will be a luxury experience from beginning to end!

Book Now

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate with your loved one, or you’re on the hunt for an unforgettable date night idea, look no further. Eastcoast Sailing offers a wide variety of private boat charters, overnight boat charters and additional services for you and your loved one to enjoy a romantic night out. So, what are you waiting for? You can contact us now to book a private boat charter, or come to us with any additional enquiries you may have regarding our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

Have Your 2020 New Year’s Eve Celebration This Year On a Yacht

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll spend your New Year’s Eve. While there are many areas to view the fireworks at Sydney Harbour Bridge, why not make your entry into 2020 extra magical and consider a New Year’s Eve Private Boat Charter, where you’ll be treated like royalty? In this post, we’ve listed out a few ways that you can celebrate 2020 New Year’s Eve with your loved ones.

From a close family gathering to a romantic date night to a fun night out with friends, we’ll provide you with the services to make your perfect evening happen. Here at Eastcoast Sailing, we’ll be offering Party Boat Hire Sydney and Yacht Charter Sydney services to ensure that you ring in 2020 in style. 

Sydney New Year's Eve Celebration Eastcoast Sailing

 Date Night

Imagine popping open a glass of champagne, taking in the sights of the Sydney Harbour Bridge during New Year’s Eve. If you’re planning on counting down with your significant other, enjoy a romantic evening on one of our wide range of yachts. You can enjoy sunset views in the early evening, and get a spectacular close-up of the fireworks when the clock strikes twelve. Skip the New Year’s Eve crowds with our private yacht charters and spend a romantic night ringing in the New Year’s with just the two of you. Want to make the night extra special? We also offer a private overnight yacht charter so that you can spend the first day of 2020 in a spectacular way. 

Family Gathering New Year's Eve Eastcoast Sailing

Family Gathering

For those who prefer a close family gathering, continue the holiday spirit with a private boat charter! From food and beverage packages to our helpful staff, you can be assured that your New Year’s Eve experience will be completely stress and worry free. Treat your family to a magical night out with our private yachts for hire. If you fancy a nice family dinner, we’ve got you covered! We have a range of luxury options that offer kitchens, refrigeration and dining areas for those who prefer something more home-cooked. Otherwise, we also offer a wide selection of food and beverages on our catering menu that is sure to please the whole family.

New Year's Eve Yacht Party Eastcoast Sailing

New Year’s Eve Party with Friends

The start of the New Year calls for an all-out celebration! If you’re looking to spend the evening with your friends, prepare for a spectacular night out by dancing the night away with the gorgeous night views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. When you choose a private yacht hire at Eastcoast Sailing, you can enjoy a selection of wine, beer and champagne, and canapes for a fun evening out. If you’re looking for something all-inclusive, you can choose from our New Year’s Eve Harbour Cruise ticket offerings. With free flow drinks, live music, DJs, and plenty of space for dancing, you can be sure that this will be a night you and your friends will be talking about for years to come.

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At Eastcoast Sailing, we offer a wide range of yachts, party boats, and New Year’s Eve boat hires so that you can have a special start to the year, no matter who you’re spending it with. Spoilt for choice? Contact us now to find out which options suit your plans, and to book your Sydney yacht hire, hassle free. Still not convinced? Visit this page for more reasons on why you should be spending the New Year’s with our luxury boat hire services.