Boat hire Pittwater: Secret locations to avoid the crowds

Sydney is blessed by having many of the country’s top beaches including Bondi, Coogee, Cronulla and Manly. Not to mention the the beautiful sandy Sydney Harbour beaches like Quarantine Beach, Balmoral Beach, and Athol Bay. Whilst these may be get busy at times, many beaches surrounding the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in the area of Pittwater, just 25km north of Sydney Harbour, are a peaceful alternative. A Boat hire Pittwater is the best way to access these beaches. Ensure that you have a relaxing day out by avoiding the crowds with Eastcoast Sailing.     

Here are some of the most secluded spots to sail to as you make your way around Pittwater.

Morning Bay

Morning Bay is home to Towlers Bay beach. This area is a perfect secluded spot to visit with boats moored off the sand flats. The beach itself is 60 meters long and has a shallow shore line ideal for children to play in. Towlers bay was originally named after Bill Toler, a 19th century resident, however, the name was changed to Morning Bay in 1984.  

Boat hire Pittwater Morning BayBoat hire Pittwater Morning Bay

Portuguese Beach

Portuguese Beach is an 80 meter long beach located in Portuguese Bay. The beach enjoys calm conditions due to its shelter from the wind. Due to its steep ridges, access to the beach by land is difficult. This makes it a quiet area to sail to and an ideal lunch spot on your tour around Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Boat hire Pittwater Portuguese BeachBoat hire Pittwater portuguese beach map

Resolute Beach

If you are a fan of crystal clear water and ideal swimming conditions then visiting Resolute Beach is a must. Access to the beach via the 8km trail is quite difficult which means it is avoided by many tourists. Luckily, the spot is perfect for boat access.     

Boat hire Pittwater Resolute BeachBoat hire Pittwater Resolute Beach

Flint and Steel Beach

Whilst this spot can be entered from land, floating in on a Boat hire Pittwater is an ideal way of gaining access. Flint and Steel beach is a largely unknown spot but it is not uncommon to see many people fishing and snorkelling nearby.   

Boat hire Pittwater Flint and Steel beachBoat hire Pittwater Flint and Steel beach

Hungry Beach

Hungry Beach is a great spot if you like cliffs and caves. Many travellers report it as a good lunch/picnic spot as conditions can be a bit calmer than other beaches in the area. With no form of land access available, you can expect to have the place mostly to yourself.

Boat hire Pittwater Hungry beachBoat hire Pittwater Hungry beach







Whilst Pittwater contains some more secluded areas, a guide to the areas beaches would not be complete without mentioning The Basin and Great Mackerel Beach.

The Basin

The Basin is a great spot for day trips as the area contains a campground with BBQ facilities, easy access to the national park and plenty of wildlife. The structure of the bay means calm waters ideal for kids to play in. This lagoon like area is therefore also known as a good spot for beginner paddle boarders.


Boat hire Pittwater The BasinBoat hire Pittwater The Basin

Great Mackerel Beach

Great Mackerel Beach stretches for 640m making it the largest beach on the western shore. The area is home to a small town of the same name which is home to less than 50 residents. The Beach enjoys calm conditions and there is a centrally located jetty where small boats can be accessed to reach larger boats moored offshore.

Boat hire Pittwater Great Mackerel BeachBoat hire Pittwater Great Mackerel Beach







A Boat hire Pittwater is an ideal way to escape the busy nature of Sydney’s mainstream beach locations. Choose from a range of Eastcoast Sailing’s Yacht charter and Catamaran options to explore these hidden gems. Alternatively you can contact Eastcoast Sailing to find what’s best for you.  


5 Great Reasons To Charter A Yacht In Sydney For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might be looking for some inspiration as to how to celebrate the special Day in Sydney. Sure, you could treat your second half to a nice meal out or a trip to the movies. However, if you’re looking for something extra special this year then why not consider chartering a yacht in Sydney Harbour this Valentine’s?

There are so many great reasons to charter a yacht in Sydney for Valentine’s Day.  Here at Eastcoast Sailing, we have a fantastic range of yachts, boats and catamarans available for hire. So, whether you’re looking for a romantic evening with your partner or if you’re planning on spending the night out with your friends, we’ve come up with our top 5 things you can do on a yacht charter in Sydney this Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy dinner on the water

One of the best reasons to charter a yacht in Sydney for Valentine’s Day is that you can enjoy a candlelight dinner right on the water in Sydney Harbour. With our wide range of yachts, you can purchase one of our food and beverage packages, many of which include wait staff.  Alternatively, you could cook your own meal on board and enjoy spectacular views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House as you eat. One of the best things about a yacht charter is that you get to skip Valentine’s Day crowds because let’s face it, standing in line or struggling to be heard in a busy restaurant doesn’t sound romantic to anyone.

Save on hotel costs

Getting a yacht charter in Sydney for Valentine’s Day might sound extravagant, but here at Eastcoast Sailing, we have plenty of affordable boats, yachts and catamarans for hire. Hiring a yacht for the night means you can enjoy an evening in Sydney without the extortionate hotel prices on Valentine’s Day. What’s more, a private overnight yacht charter means you can get away from it all with a more memorable and unique experience.

EastCoast Sailing Valentine's Day Yacht Charter Sydney

Enjoy the beaches around Sydney Harbour

All of our private hire yachts come with their own professional skipper who will be happy to anchor up at any one of the stunning beaches around Sydney Harbour. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than relaxing at the beach before going back to your own private yacht? We also have a BBQ option available with our packages so you can enjoy the ultimate Valentine’s Day spent in the sun.

Last minute availability

If you’ve left it a little late to book your Valentine’s accommodation or dinner reservations in Sydney then we’ve got you covered. Eastcoast Sailing has a huge range of boats, yachts and catamarans that are still available for hire this Valentine’s Day 2019.

EastCoast Sailing Valentine's Day Yacht Charter Sydney

Celebrate with friends on a party boat

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be for couples. If you’re single there’s no need to spend the evening in front of the television. Instead, celebrate Valentine’s Day in style and charter a yacht with a group of your friends. Here at Eastcoast Sailing, our food and beverage packages allow you to customise your own party boat so you can spend the evening enjoying drinks, music and canapés on board your own private boat. It definitely beats having to join loved up couples in a restaurant.


Whatever your needs are for Valentine’s Day in Sydney, we’ve got you covered for 2019 at Eastcoast Sailing. Our fantastic range of yachts, boats and catamarans offer a truly memorable way to celebrate this special day with the ones that you love. Contact us today to book your Valentine’s Day boat hire in Sydney now.

Why you should hire a boat for Australia day in Sydney 2019

If there’s one time of year that is good excuse to celebrate, it’s Australia Day. Seeing as it’s Australia’s biggest public holiday, it’s no surprise that there is plenty going on in Sydney to keep you occupied this January 26th. While events are going on all over the city, it’s Sydney Harbour that you’ll want to base yourself as that is where most of the celebrations are held. From the iconic Ferrython to the Australia Day Concert, there are so many reasons to celebrate in Sydney and if you’re worried about fighting for a spot in the crowds, we’ve got you covered – here’s why you should hire a boat for Australia Day in Sydney.

Here at Eastcoast Sailing, we have some fantastic options when it comes to Australia Day boat hire. Whether you’re looking for private yachts and catamarans or you fancy living it up with your friends on one of the many party boats- either way, we’ve got you covered.

Australia Day Boat Hire

Celebrating Australia Day on the water and getting up close to all of the celebrations in Sydney Harbour is the ideal way to spend the day. We have a fantastic range of boats to hire for Australia Day including catamaran rentals and yachts which all come with a professional skipper, so you can sit back, crack open a drink and enjoy the celebrations.

Party Boat Hire

Alternatively if there is a big group of you, then why not celebrate Australia Day on one of our party boats? We have a range of vessels available for you and your friends to party on with some fantastic packages. Whatever your needs or budget, you’ll be sure to find one of our packages that suits you. Popular choices include: beverages, canapés or buffet, wait staff, surround sound and even a DJ.

What to do on Australia Day in Sydney

As If you needed anymore convincing – here are some of the many perks of renting a boat for Australia Day in Sydney.

Sydney ferrython

The iconic Sydney ferrython is a must do for those visiting the city this Australia Day. The race starts at 11am at which the ferries race from Circular Quay to Shark Island and back. You can watch this race from many spots around the harbour or alternatively, hire one of our boats and then be part of the Sydneython ferry flotilla itself.

Evening fireworks

Imagine watching the Australia Day fireworks with your friends from the comfort of you own yacht – well with one of our boat hires you can do just that. Our skippers can anchor up you boat at many points in the harbour meaning that you can get a fantastic view of the fireworks, without having to fight with the crowds.

Harbour Beaches

If Australia Day means a chance to relax to you, then our Australia Day boat hire gives you the chance to do that. Why not rent one of our yachts and sit back, relax and enjoy a chilled day with family and let us do all the hard work. All of our private hire boats come with skippers who will be happy to anchor you close to the many stunning beaches around Sydney Harbour where you can swim and enjoy some food and drinks on the boat.

East Coast Sailing Boat Hire Sydney Harbour


– What Packages do you have available

All of our private hire boats come with professional skippers so you can relax and enjoy your day without the hassle. If you would like to make you experience that little bit more special, we have plenty of packages on offer for you too. Packages can includes: Drinks, canapes, buffet, waitstaff, music and DJ’s so contact us to today to help find the right package for you.

– How much does it cost?

We have a huge selection of yachts, catamarans and boats on offer that are suitable for a range of budgets with prices starting from $400 per hour. You can view our range of boats available for hire here or feel free to contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

-How do i book a boat for Australia Day ?

To see what availability we have for Australia Day, please contact us today to speak to a friendly member of our team.

The Best New Years Eve Boat Hire in Sydney Harbour

Cruise along the Harbour with the the best New Years Eve boat hire Sydney, Eastcoast Sailing!

Eastcoast sailing New Years Eve boat hire Sydney

The clock strikes midnight, it’s the most-awaited moment at every New Year’s Eve event, and simultaneously fireworks burst across the sky. People hug, kiss, and hold hands while they admire Sydney Harbour’s pyrotechnic spectacular! With a glass of bubbly in hand and a centre stage view of Sydney’s celebrations, you can experience the magic of Sydney’s New Years Eve.

Sydney’s New Years Eve is one of largest and most popular free events in the world. As such, crowds build steadily from about midday. In fact, NYE Harbour Cruising is one topic that gets a huge amount of questions on the TripAdvisor Sydney forum. There are many great parks, foreshores, and venues on both sides of the Harbour to view the fireworks. However, it is important to know that the city is very crowded on NYE. Think road closures and busy public transport. Be prepared to spend the best part of the day in the sun waiting to get a good spot. At many viewing areas you can bring your own food, but most do not allow you to bring your drinks. Instead, many sell them at inflated prices inside some of the sites.

The following 5 reasons are sure to convince you that New Years Eve Boat Hire is the way to go.

Enjoy Luxury on the Go

Our luxury boat hire boasts all the luxuries of the most upscale hotels – more in many cases – and they’re yours to enjoy as you relish the beautiful views of the city’s skyline, the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and the gorgeous Harbour. We have a fabulous selection of yachts, catamarans and motor boats available for New Years Eve boat hire in Sydney.

Get Treated Like Royalty

For the entire duration of your journey, crew members will serve your every need, whether it’s a delicious evening cocktail or a platter of fruit for daytime snacking. Our boats cater for a range of guests for up to 35 guests on some catamarans. There are luxury options available with a huge deck space or dancing area and available BBQs, as well as all inclusive dinner cruises.

Cherish Moments with the People You Love

By chartering a private boat, you can embark on a luxurious adventure with the people you cherish – and them alone. Why not be immersed in the best New Years Eve Boat Party Sydney? At Eastcoast Sailing you will capture breathtaking picture with the people you cherish. Rest assured; people will be taken back by your photos of both the 9pm and 12 pm fireworks, the perfect photo op!

Learn Something New

Our chartered yachts come with experienced and friendly skippers who love to tell people about the beauty and history of the stunning city of Sydney. Of course, they’ll leave you alone when you want to enjoy privacy with the family, but they’re always ready to assist when you have questions, requests, or just want a casual conversation with somebody who knows about the area.

Stress-Free Private Function

Convenience when it truly matters. A New Years Eve boat hire, whether you choose private boat charters or NYE Harbour Cruise ticketed functions, we take the stress away from hosting a function at your home or organising a night out on the town. There is no need to worry about finding a car park and you also avoid expensive parking fees and fines. Our vessels also have self catering food and beverage options, giving you flexibility and choice to create the evening of your dreams. Or if you prefer something bigger and all inclusive, we have some of the best function boats offering delicious on board catering, quality beer, wine and champagne flowing freely all night long. Live music, DJs and dancing of course!

So what are you waiting for? 

new years eve boat hire

Join more than one million people gathered around Sydney Harbour to ring in the new year with one of the best new years eve boat hire in Sydney. Eastcoast Sailing is a high-class New Years Eve Boat Hire provider in Sydney, helping you throw an unforgettable New Years Eve Boat Party. Contact Us today to secure your private boat hire or tickets for New Years Eve 2018.

The Ultimate Christmas Party Cruise Hire

Experience Eastcoast Sailing’s Christmas Party Cruise Hire on Sydney Harbour!

Host a Christmas party this year that is unique and memorable for clients, and shows staff your appreciation. While it’s tempting to book the same restaurant as last year, a Christmas Party Cruise Hire in Sydney provides all the luxury of fine dining, but you’ll enjoy it with the sparkling backdrop of the Sydney Harbour. Christmas Party Boat Hire caters to parties of all sizes with options for different times of day and an exciting range of food and refreshment menus. Let’s break it down so you can see why a boat hire in Sydney will make your 2018 Christmas party stand out.

Sydney Christmas Party Cruise Hire

Unbeatable Harbour location

Christmas parties often take place in noisy restaurants or venues. If you’re lucky, it might have a nice view out a window. Imagine taking your staff and clients right out onto the cool, dazzling waters of the Sydney Harbour. The Christmas party cruise will pick up your party from a choice of several different locations, including King Street Wharf. We will whisk you away to enjoy the afternoon, or sunset, beneath the magnificent Harbour Bridge and iconic Sydney Opera house.

Christmas Party Cruise Hire Sydney

Impressive Menu Selection

Now that the stunning backdrop for your Christmas party is sorted, you’ll want to make sure that the refreshments don’t pale in comparison. An elegant menu and sophisticated drink list goes a long way. It shows your clients how important their business is to you, and it’s a nice way to thank your staff for a year of hard work.

Sydney Christmas party cruise dining

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas party cruise hire for lunch, dinner, or a tasteful cocktail setting; appropriate menu selections are available. Depending on the desired ambiance of the event, you may opt for a casual buffet style menu. Or perhaps a formal sit-down dinner is more suitable. Some events require an adventurous list of stand-up cocktails and an array of snacks that allow guests to mingle at their leisure. Whatever the choice, seafood menus are always on offer for a Christmas party cruise in Sydney. We all know there is nothing more fitting for a warm, seaside, Christmas celebration!

boat hire party cruise drinks Sydney

High quality beer, wine, and champagne packages are available and many vessels also have the option to upgrade to spirits. Soft drinks and juices are available for guests who don’t drink alcohol. Get in touch and we’ll walk you through the options.

Caters to all party sizes

Sydney is booming with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and none should be excluded from the chance to host a Christmas party to remember. Our Sydney Christmas party cruise hire packages are suitable for all group sizes. We have smaller boats for small corporate teams, perfect for more intimate Christmas party events. For large functions of over 300 guests, we have an incredible range of boats, charters, yachts and catamarans. All of which are sure to wow your guests.

Christmas party cruise Sydney hire

Christmas Party Cruise Hire Options and Extra Perks

The Coast Christmas Cruise can accommodate for up to 140 guests, perfect for a corporate Christmas party cruise. This four hour vessel hire includes:

  • Our Silver Buffet menu with a premium beer and wine beverage package,
  • All wharf fees,
  • Your very own set of wait staff for the event.

The Aussie Magic Christmas Cruise is a four-hour private charter that accommodates up to 100 guests. This Christmas party cruise hire includes:

  • Either a Canape and Buffet menu or simply canapes alone for a more casual event,
  • Beverage package with local beer and wine (red, white, and sparkling) and non-alcoholic options such as juices and soft drink,
  • Beautiful white table linen adds a 5-star touch and Christmas decorations are done for you,
  • This option also includes a surround sound system and a microphone for those making speeches or having a boogie!

Sydney Eastcoast Sailing Christmas cruise party hire

The MV Sydney Christmas Cruise is also a four-hour cruise for up to 185 guests. We offer a choice for either a Clifton Garden Cocktail menu or Rushcutters buffet. Both options include the Diamond Beverage package. This cruise features your very own DJ and party lights. Ideal for corporations who like to get their groove on. Plus, your guests will enjoy Christmas decorations plus themed bon bons.


The choices go on and on! You can view the comprehensive list of Sydney Boat hire options here. 

We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect Sydney cruise hire for your Christmas party this year. Check out our expansive list of Christmas party cruises here. Contact Eastcoast Sailing Events Managers to host a first class Christmas Party cruise. Make this Christmas a memorable one!

Top Reasons To Hire An Overnight Private Boat Charter

Overnight Private Boat Charter Sydney

If you usually stay in a hotel or Airbnb, why not consider hiring an overnight private boat charter in Sydney for a night to remember. Eastcoast Sailing has a number of boats available for your unique getaway, including high end luxury boats to hire, sailing yacht charters and motor cruises that cater for between 2-16 guests. Your whole experience will be stress-free. All you have to do is meet us at a harbour wharf during check-in time which is typically from 3-5pm. A Skipper will pick you and your guests up, and take you around the harbour on a pleasant 2 hour twilight cruise to see the sights of Sydney. After securely mooring the boat at a lovely bay on the harbour or a marina berth, your Skipper will leave you to relax and enjoy your evening onboard your private boat charter on Sydney wharf. Your Skipper will then meet you at 9am the next day when it is time to disembark from your adventure. However, on some of our larger luxury vessels, the Skipper may stay in a separate cabin during your overnight cruise.

A Romantic Escape

Sydney overnight private boat charter romantic

An overnight private boat charter in Sydney is perfect for a romantic escape with your loved one. If you are having trouble thinking of what to get your significant other for their next birthday or anniversary gift, then surprise them with an overnight boat hire Sydney Harbour experience. Pop open a bottle of champagne and take in all the spectacular city lights of Sydney Harbour together. Most of our boats have bluetooth stereos so you can pick a romantic playlist to set the mood.

Stress-Free Private Function

An overnight private boat charter cruise takes the stress away from hosting a function at your home or organising a night out on the town. There is no need to worry about finding a car park and you also avoid expensive parking fees and fines. Hiring a boat in Sydney also provides you with total convenience, eliminating any anxiety over a party bus being late or hired staff not turning up. Everything will be prepared for you when you arrive to depart and wait staff can even be booked to serve your guests. Another big benefit is not having to think about how you’re going to get home at the end of the night. Organising functions on a Sydney private boat charter with cabins means you can dance and celebrate and guests can head to bed as early or late as they want to.

Enjoy the sunset and sunrise from a different perspective

Sydney overnight private boat charter Sunset

Ensure your phone is charged or bring your camera along to get that insta-worthy shot as you watch a stunning sunset or sunrise from your overnight private boat charter in Sydney. Sit on the deck for a prime spot to take in the wonderful colours of the sun on its way down and way up from a unique viewpoint along the Sydney Harbour. If you aren’t a morning person or you partied a bit too hard the night before, you’ll at least have got to see the sunset during your 2 hour cruise of the harbour the previous evening.

Hiring an overnight private boat charter in Sydney means you have time to do as much or as little as you want during the day. Contact us today to book!

What To Wear On A Cruise

So, you’ve hired a sailing yacht to cruise the waters of the iconic Sydney Harbour – great! Now the question is: what to wear on a cruise to make your Sydney yacht hire adventure as memorable as possible, while being stylish and comfortable at the same time?

What To Wear On A Cruise Sydney

Before you start to panic, we can promise you that your yacht charter Sydney experience will be unforgettable regardless of your choice of clothing. However, for your own comfort and safety, we do have a few “what to wear on a cruise” recommendations that we think every passenger can benefit from. Because, while it might be tempting to get dressed up in your most luxurious ensemble, our flashiest clothing items are often not the most practical. Please leave the 6-inch heels at home!

Here we provide a few tips to follow on what to wear on a cruise of the Sydney Harbour so that you are able to find the perfect balance between boat appropriate attire, feeling comfortable and looking stylish.

Opt For Soft-soled Non-marking Footwear

Get your sea legs ready by opting for sensible footwear. Due to the fact that many of our Sydney boat charters and yacht rentals feature smooth deck surfaces, we strongly advise against wearing high heels and shoes with hard soles. This type of footwear offers little traction, can be potentially dangerous should you happen to lose your footing and may damage our boats, yachts and catamarans. Instead, choose comfortable, soft-soled non-marking shoes with plenty of grip. Wearing the right type of shoes is a very important part of boating etiquette. In particular, don’t wear shoes with black soles because they mark the deck.

Some examples of suitable footwear include:

  • Boat shoes
  • Tennis shoes
  • Soft-soled sandals
  • Sailing boots
  • Sneakers
  • Non-marking indoor shoes

Want to feel the wind between your toes? It is okay to be barefoot in some areas on our boats, but do keep in mind that there are hazards on board that you could potentially stub your toes on. As such, we request that you exercise caution when moving about without shoes.

Wear Comfortable Clothes That Don’t Restrict Movement

Similar to your choice of footwear, when thinking about what to wear on a cruise in terms of your outfit, you’ll want to wear clothes that are at least as functional as they are stylish. Loose-fitting items are a safe bet, as they allow you to move about the boat easily. With Sydney’s unpredictable weather in mind, we also recommend bringing a windproof jacket and layering up so that you can adjust to changing weather conditions. Keep in mind that it’s usually a couple degrees cooler at sea than it is on land, so err on the side of caution and wrap up slightly more snug than you think is necessary.

What To Wear On A Cruise Clothes


If you’re lucky enough to be cruising the harbour on a hot day, it can be very tempting to go for a refreshing dip to cool off. We can arrange for your yacht skipper to stop at a lovely  harbour bay for a swim, please bring your own towel and swimmers. A towel is also useful for those wanting to lay on the decks.

What To Wear On A Cruise To Be Sun Smart

What To Wear On A Cruise Sunny

You should also be thinking about what to wear on a cruise to be sun safe, which is an often overlooked aspect of boat safety. No matter the time of year, you’ll want to make sure you’re well protected from the sun during your Sydney yacht hire cruise. You won’t be able to enjoy all the sights of Sydney Harbour without a pair of sunglasses so don’t forget to pack your shades. Even on cloudy days UV rays can reflect from the water and burn your skin so a hat, long-sleeved shirt or pants and sunscreen are essential. Out on the water strong gusts of wind can occur at any time so make sure your hat fits properly and remember to apply SPF throughout the day so you don’t disembark the boat looking like a tomato.

Other items

  • Camera
  • Smart phone for enjoying your own music (most yachts have Bluetooth connection to a sound system)
  • Bag (the bigger the better for bringing along things such as a book, snacks, towel and change of clothing)

Looking to charter a yacht and cruise the waters of Sydney Harbour? Make a booking enquiry today and we will assist you with all your Sydney yacht hire needs.

Why Sydney Harbour Raft Up Parties Are A Summertime Must Do

Does floating on an inflatable flamingo, relaxing in the sun and hanging out with friends sound like your type of fun? Then a raft-up party on the Sydney Harbour is an absolute summer must. Whether it’s for a birthday, Hens party or just because it’s Saturday, raft up parties are an excellent way to spend a summer day. Party Boat Hire Sydney experiences are our expertise, so you can expect nothing but the best with us.

Raft Up Parties

Grab 20 – 30 of your closest friends for a catamaran hire for an unforgettable day on Sydney Harbour. Board your skippered catamaran and head to a quiet corner of Sydney Harbour to start off your day of festivities. Catamarans join up to form a circle and drop anchor for the afternoon. The great thing about our party boat hire is that you don’t have to worry about set up and anchoring – Eastcoast Sailing does the hard work for you! All you need to worry about is relaxing and having a good time.

Once anchored, jump in with your inflatable raft and the party starts! Soon you’ll be surrounded by inflatable unicorns, chairs and probably a blow-up mattress or two. Float along in the sunshine with your friends or make your way to the DJ boat to meet new friends and dance to the music. Speaking of music, no need to organise your own speakers – the DJ boat provides party music all day long.

Feeling hungry? Head back to your boat to start the BBQ and grab lunch with your friends. Don’t forget to BYO enough food and drink to share – you don’t want to run out before the end of the day.

East Coast Sailing Raft Up Parties Sydney Boat Hire

Check out a raft-up party to experience a full day of swimming, sunbathing, and dancing with friends. It’s a must-do for a summertime boat party.

For your party needs, Eastcoast Sailing provides the best boat hire Sydney experience. Contact us today for a catamaran hire or party boat hire in Sydney.

Please read the Terms & Conditions regarding your charter.

6 Reasons to Have a Hens or Bucks Party on a Charter

If the planning of your friend’s bucks or hen party has been tasked to you, then you have a lot of responsibility on your hands. All the typical party options for hen and buck parties are too average, but a hens boat charter can give your friend a night that they will remember for the rest of their life.

What better way to achieve this is than hiring a yacht? There are many reasons why choosing a yacht for such an important party is a great choice, as it is a unique and ambitious way to make everyone’s night memorable. See why having a charter for your hen or buck party is absolutely the way to go!

  1. A Yacht Provides Absolute Convenience. You don’t have to worry about a party bus being late or hired staff not showing up. You go to the dock and everything is prepared for you. You won’t have to drive around to multiple locations in one night; everything you’ll need can be on the boat if you want it. In many cases, you can book a wait staff as well to serve you and your guests. Once you’ve booked the boat, everything is set. You can just sit back and relax, knowing that your friend will enjoy their hen or buck party.
  1. Parking Is Not a Problem. An oft overlooked benefit of renting a yacht is that there is no need for parking. One of the most frustrating things about a night out on the town is parking. Car parks around clubs are often full, small, and expensive. And you usually end up having to drive around for a while to find a spot. When you’re on the water, parking isn’t an issue and the “club” is the yacht itself.
  1. The Party Ends When You Want It To. When you’re out celebrating your best friend’s hen or buck party, you want the flexibility to end the party according to your preference. Luckily a yacht can often accommodate all your needs, letting you and your mates dance and celebrate for hours. It is important to be aware that for hen and buck parties, overnight stays aren’t possible due to the volume of people on-board. But with the prospect of renting a yacht for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours and having a completely tailored experience, is there any other choice? Nope!
  1. Chances of Getting in Trouble Are Lowered. One of the biggest advantages of renting a yacht for your hen or buck party is that everything is contained in a space. It’s a space that you can’t simply walk out of since it’s on the water. This security ensures that you don’t have to worry about your party guests getting too out of control, and the safety of you and your friends is ensured. Just remember to not get completely out-of-hand. You’re just renting the boat; you don’t own it.
  1. A Lot of Yachts Come with Special Amenities. There are many boat services that go above and beyond just renting out their fleet. As said before, you can get special perks included into your rental (for an extra fee). You can hire the boat hire company’s wait staff, which usually charges for every four hours or so. You may also be able to get catering from the company. Some even offer a BYO service and contain many special features for your friends to enjoy. 
  1. Day time fun options. Who says that a hen or buck party has to only be at night? Start off by dropping anchor during the day. Enjoy a day of swimming, sun bathing, and lunch with your friends before partaking in other festivities in the evening. With a charter hire, you can also opt for an adventure buck or hen party with sailing. You can even indulge in regatta racing by hiring two sailing yachts for competitions between your party. Regardless of how you want your day to go, day time charter hire is the ultimate way to have fun in a unique way! 

Make It a Night to Remember 

A boat cruise through Sydney is the perfect way to celebrate the bonding of two people in love. Our team at Eastcoast Sailing can help make your friend’s hen or buck party one that they’ll never forget. We have a wide selection of yachts that can fit your needs, and we offer catering and drinks as an option for many of our ships. We let you customise everything: your party times, what add-ons you want, and what boat is perfect for you.

You can view all the Hens party cruise options here. . Whether you’re planning a huge party with all the friends and family or just a small gathering, we have what you’re looking for.

7 Corporate Events You Should Consider Renting a Yacht For

Boats are an expensive investment for someone to make, yet they are great to utilise in many events. Luckily, there are now companies that have corporate boat hire services, so you don’t have to deal with all the disadvantages that come with owning one.

But remember—not every boat hire company out there is created equal. There are certain characteristics that you have to search for when you’re looking for boats to charter.

What Events They Cater To

Boat hire companies offer a variety of boats that can serve whatever purpose you may need. You can hire a yacht for the fancier events you have planned out. You can get skippered boat charters for viewing the beautiful sights around Sydney. You can also hire a boat for important corporate events.

The possibilities in regards to the events you can have on a boat are virtually endless. You can select boats suitable for small groups of 2 or more, up to large number of people, with some vessels catering for over 600 guests. Boats that can carry that many people are ideal for events such as wedding receptions and large corporate events.

Those that carry several hundred people can be perfect venues for smaller weddings and corporate events. Other boats are more tailored to parties such as hen parties, buck parties, and birthday parties. There are also boats that serve functions that are dedicated to more private events, such as families that are going sightseeing and a day out with friends.

You want to ensure that the boat hire company you choose has the fleet capacity you’re looking for and is fit for the type of event that you’re hosting.

To ensure your function is truly fantastic, you also have the option to hire an event manager. This takes the stress of party-planning off your shoulders and means you can enjoy your event in peace! 

The Price of the Boats They Offer 

A big factor to what kind of boat you get is your budget. Most boat companies charge their rates by the hour, and they typically have a maximum amount of hours that you can use the boat. The price ranges from about $400 to well over $1000 based on your needs and the amount of time you have.

For those wanting to keep a boat overnight, expect to pay even more money (add on a few more thousand dollars). Before setting your heart on a particular boat, be sure that you’re positive to calculate the number of guests and the amount of time you’ll be using it. Double check to ensure these figures fit within your budget.

The Speed, Guest Capacity, and Number of Cabins on the Boat 

While you’re taking into account guest capacity, there are other features that you should consider when looking at a boat hire company. Make sure you consider the size of the outdoor cockpit area, as well as the size of the indoor saloon.  If you are staying overnight, you need to consider the number of cabins you have on the boat. The number of cabins will most likely not reflect the number of guests you have for your party, so you’re going to have to be selective about who you want to spend the night with you.

If you are looking for a smaller boat that can be used for smaller parties, you may want to inquire about the speed of the vehicle. Many of these companies also come with BYO options with a fee for amenities, and they even offer wait staff for your guests for a set number of hours.

The Type of Boat

The big decision you need to make is the type of boat. Broadly speaking, you need to choose between a sailing monohull yacht, a sailing / cruising catamaran, a motor cruiser, or a larger function vessel. You want to look into any other additional charges such as wharf fees that you could incur while you are in possession of the boat.  You may want to ride in style and luxury, or you may want to keep it as simple as possible. It’s all up to you. 

Get a Boat Today 

Whether you’re visiting Australia for holiday or are a resident Aussie, you can experience the adventure of treading water for an affordable price (when compared to buying a boat). Our fleet of boats at Eastcoast Sailing can be perfect for whatever event you may have in mind, including but not limited to small gatherings, corporate events, and large weddings.

At,  we have boats that range in size from relatively small to extra-large, basic through to exquisite luxury. You can choose one of our simple ferries or you can splurge for a charter boat that is luxurious and made for special events. You can have any type of party you wish aboard one of our boats including birthday parties and hen parties as well as buck parties. When you choose us, you’re in for a fun day of cruising around the harbour.