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Sea Shepherd boat visits Sydney Harbour

The Sea Shepherd Vessel Bob Barker

The Sea Shepherd Vessel Bob Barker in Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is currently hosting one of the Sea Shepherd’s fleet of vessels, the Bob Barker. This vessel is an anti-whaling vessel painted in impressive sea camoflage colours.

The Sea Shepherd organisation regularly makes news headlines with their ocean battles with the Japanese whaling fleet, like the MV Steve Irwin, and the infamous collision between a Japanese whaler with the space-age trimaran, the Ady Gil.   They are also very active in protecting marine environment across the world; like the seals in Nambia, shark fishing in Galapolos, and Dolphins in Japan.

If you are crossing the Anzac Bridge, or are around Pyrmont, look across to White Bay wharf to see this imposing Sea Shepherd vessel.

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