Boat hire Pittwater: Secret locations to avoid the crowds

Sydney is blessed by having many of the country’s top beaches including Bondi, Coogee, Cronulla and Manly. Not to mention the the beautiful sandy Sydney Harbour beaches like Quarantine Beach, Balmoral Beach, and Athol Bay. Whilst these may be get busy at times, many beaches surrounding the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in the area of Pittwater, just 25km north of Sydney Harbour, are a peaceful alternative. A Boat hire Pittwater is the best way to access these beaches. Ensure that you have a relaxing day out by avoiding the crowds with Eastcoast Sailing.     

Here are some of the most secluded spots to sail to as you make your way around Pittwater.

Morning Bay

Morning Bay is home to Towlers Bay beach. This area is a perfect secluded spot to visit with boats moored off the sand flats. The beach itself is 60 meters long and has a shallow shore line ideal for children to play in. Towlers bay was originally named after Bill Toler, a 19th century resident, however, the name was changed to Morning Bay in 1984.  

Boat hire Pittwater Morning BayBoat hire Pittwater Morning Bay

Portuguese Beach

Portuguese Beach is an 80 meter long beach located in Portuguese Bay. The beach enjoys calm conditions due to its shelter from the wind. Due to its steep ridges, access to the beach by land is difficult. This makes it a quiet area to sail to and an ideal lunch spot on your tour around Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.

Boat hire Pittwater Portuguese BeachBoat hire Pittwater portuguese beach map

Resolute Beach

If you are a fan of crystal clear water and ideal swimming conditions then visiting Resolute Beach is a must. Access to the beach via the 8km trail is quite difficult which means it is avoided by many tourists. Luckily, the spot is perfect for boat access.     

Boat hire Pittwater Resolute BeachBoat hire Pittwater Resolute Beach

Flint and Steel Beach

Whilst this spot can be entered from land, floating in on a Boat hire Pittwater is an ideal way of gaining access. Flint and Steel beach is a largely unknown spot but it is not uncommon to see many people fishing and snorkelling nearby.   

Boat hire Pittwater Flint and Steel beachBoat hire Pittwater Flint and Steel beach

Hungry Beach

Hungry Beach is a great spot if you like cliffs and caves. Many travellers report it as a good lunch/picnic spot as conditions can be a bit calmer than other beaches in the area. With no form of land access available, you can expect to have the place mostly to yourself.

Boat hire Pittwater Hungry beachBoat hire Pittwater Hungry beach







Whilst Pittwater contains some more secluded areas, a guide to the areas beaches would not be complete without mentioning The Basin and Great Mackerel Beach.

The Basin

The Basin is a great spot for day trips as the area contains a campground with BBQ facilities, easy access to the national park and plenty of wildlife. The structure of the bay means calm waters ideal for kids to play in. This lagoon like area is therefore also known as a good spot for beginner paddle boarders.


Boat hire Pittwater The BasinBoat hire Pittwater The Basin

Great Mackerel Beach

Great Mackerel Beach stretches for 640m making it the largest beach on the western shore. The area is home to a small town of the same name which is home to less than 50 residents. The Beach enjoys calm conditions and there is a centrally located jetty where small boats can be accessed to reach larger boats moored offshore.

Boat hire Pittwater Great Mackerel BeachBoat hire Pittwater Great Mackerel Beach







A Boat hire Pittwater is an ideal way to escape the busy nature of Sydney’s mainstream beach locations. Choose from a range of Eastcoast Sailing’s Yacht charter and Catamaran options to explore these hidden gems. Alternatively you can contact Eastcoast Sailing to find what’s best for you.