Sun sets on Sydney International Boat Show for 2016

Well the sun has set on the Sydney International Boat Show for 2016.  Most agents report very healthy interest in new boat sales.  And several claim they achieved solid order books this year.

Eastcoast Sailing, always a keen participant at the boat show, noticed some wonderful trends in the fantastic fleet of boats displayed at Darling Harbour.

  1. Smarter more spacious layouts.  Thanks CAD/CAM & ergonomics..  The layouts on many boats is clever, useful and practical.
  2. There is definitely a lift in the levels of luxury offered across all ranges of boats and yachts.  There are very few basic or austere boats presented any more.  This luxury inherently comes with higher price tags.
  3. The Catamaran category continuing it’s surge in popularity / growth.  Very popular for their stability, size and comfort.  Not to forget lazing on the front trampolines in sun off a lovely Sydney Harbour beach.
  4. The jaw dropping top end end large luxury cruisers continue to be stunningly presented.  We have a couple of problems here :  there is no way I would let my kids climb about with wet sandy feet on my stunning parquetry floors.  Second, we can’t afford the multi-million dollar price tag – in fact we can’t even afford the the fuel.  Some with 2 x 5,000 l tanks – my quick maths has this at $18,000 for fuel !!

Anyway, another excellent 2016 Sydney International Boat Show, and some truly spectacular yachts and cruisers.  If you haven’t got a lazy million dollars to buy a new boat, give us a call and we can arrange a lovely luxury charter boat for you on the Harbour…

Barangaroo is Now Open!

Barangaroo is OPEN ! Barangaroo is one of the newest and most ambitious urban renewal projects on Sydney Harbour today, an exciting venture for the city of Sydney! The area is named after Cameragal woman Barangaroo, the second wife of Bennelong and an influential voice in the early days of colonial Sydney.

Sydney Harbour’s newest redevelopment project on the site comprises three precincts: Barangaroo South, Barangaroo Central and Barangaroo Point. Barangaroo South is the southern third of the site and is essentially an extension of the Sydney CBD. Barangaroo Central will comprise commercial and civic buildings as well as low rise residential. Barangaroo Point will be a 6 hectare park at the northern end of the site and an exciting addition to Sydney’s recreational community spaces.

Barangaroo Point features walls of sandstone extracted from the site, native Sydney plants and trees, bush walks, tidal rock pools, grassed areas and walking and cycle paths. The aim of this part of the development is to provide a space for recreation, community and celebration. Another good reason to spend time on Sydney Harbour!

Linking Barangaroo with the city and Sydney’s waterways will be a new pedestrian walkway connecting to Wynyard Station, a proposed rapid transit station as part of the Sydney Harbour Rail Tunnel project and the development of a new ferry hub and wharves to cater for residents, workers and visitors alike to Sydney’s newest commercial district. Barangaroo will certainly become the new hub for spectacular water events and yacht charter on the harbour. We’ll keep you posted….

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Vivid Sydney Harbour Boat Cruises

Vivid Sydney is a unique experience of light, music and ideas, showcasing Sydney Harbour and it’s surrounds at its best for the 18 day event. At Eastcoast Sailing we’re getting excited about the upcoming Vivid festival which officially opens on May 22nd.

There is no better place to see the lights and experience the fantastic atmosphere and spectacle than on a boat in Sydney Harbour. It offers a unique perspective where you can take in all the lights, be amongst friends and a little removed from that Madding Crowd! We had a huge amount of fun last year and know you will too when you spend an evening on Sydney Harbour.

Eastcoast Sailing have a number of packages available to cater for groups, individuals, visitors to Sydney or if you want and go and have some fun with your work mates after a hard week’s work. Check out our specials at Vivid Sydney Private Boat Bruises/ and book early to avoid disappointment!

Paul Allen’s Megayacht Octopus comes to Sydney Harbour

Octopus, the126 m megayacht owned by Paul Allen, of Microsoft fame, is gracing Sydney Harbour’s skyline. The super yacht regularly cruises the worlds best waterways including the French Riviera, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Allen bought the yacht in 2003, for a reported price of $200 million.

octupus super yacht

Octopus requires a full-time crew of 50+ and more than $US20 million to run each year. It is currently the world’s 15th largest superyacht.

Octopus sports not one, but two helicopters on the top deck (one in front and one on the back). It has a 19 m tender docked in the transom. There are a total of seven tenders aboard. The yacht also has a pool, located aft on one of her upper decks, and a submarine.

Extreme Sailing – Sydney Harbour 12-14 December

The Extreme Sailing Series, now in it’s 8th year, is coming to Sydney Harbour as part of it’s global tour. This high performance catamaran racing series features up to 8 sailing races on Sydney Harbour starting near Farm Cove, on 13th and 14th December 2014.

The boats are race bred high performance, 12m carbon fibre catamarans that can achieve amazing speeds on the water. Light weight boats with high tech Kevlar sails, these cats can get one hull out of the water in just 8 knots of breeze.

The Extreme 40 catamarans has been designed by Olympic champions Yves Loday and Mitch Booth, with the aim to provide the performance-focused multihull.

Catamaran racing is gaining increasing world yachting attention with the astonishing speeds these vessels can achieve. Indeed the recent America’s Cup held in San Francisco featured a new design catamaran with planing hydrofoils. The spectacle of these amazing flying sailing machines is creating a new spectator interests.

For the Extreme Sailing Series, crews battle it out on short courses that are spectator friendly during races that do not exceed 20 minutes – and there can be up to 8 races per day.

Other international destination for this Extreme Sailing Series include, Nice, Istanbul, Singapore, St Petersburg, Cardiff and QingDao.

Eastcoast Sailing can get you up close to the sailing race action on Sydney Harbour with your own private skippered yacht, catamaran or motor cruiser. Call Eastcoast Sailing now to book your charter boat… 1300 883 023.

Spring Sailing Charter – Sydney Harbour Hidden Beaches

Winters finally gone, and you are yearning for some sun rays around Sydney Harbour? Spring is a great time for a sailing cruise to some of those special Sydney Harbour beach hideaways.

We all know the famous beaches that we can drive to like Balmoral Beach, Nielson Park and Rose Bay. Beautiful yes – but not secluded and unique. Take a sailing yacht charter to some of the exclusive and stunning sandy harbour beaches.

Three hidden golden sandy beaches near the Quarantine Station near Manly are best accessed by boat. Quarantine Beach, Collins Beach and Store Beach – beautiful clear water beaches surrounded by lovely dense green vegetation. You wont believe you are in Sydney. Drop anchor, swim into the beach and enjoy lunch and a chilled wine on the yacht.

Another favorite Sydney Harbour cruise for Eastcoast Sailing is Castle Rock – again best accessible by beach. With the shallow waters here, chartering a shallow draft hire boat such as a catamaran, you can anchor in nice and close to the 2 beaches.

Across the water from Castle Rock is Chinamans beach – a huge expanse of sandy beach. And around the point from Castle Rock is Clontarf.

What about Cliftons Gardens – better known by sailors as Taylors Bay? Often over-looked by landlubbers, it has a real wow. There are some naval maritime exhibits on the northern side and a swimming enclosure on the Southern side. All surrounded by lovely bush, and a great outlook to the sailing yachts on Sydney Harbour.

Athol Bay – never heard of it ? Well it’s the sandy beach to the east from Taraonga Park Zoo. You will often see some stunning luxury motor boats and yachts at anchor here. From the beach you look out to the Sydney city skyline.

Finally in the east, we love Milk Beach. Again, off the beaten track, but easily accessible by boat anchored just off the shore.

Contact Eastcoast Sailing to plan your Sydney Harbour cruise – your private skippered yacht charter to discover some unique and exquisite Sydney Harbour beaches.

Enjoy the Eastcoast Sailing experience. 1300 883 023

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Vivid Sydney Starts tonight

Vivid Sydney starts tonight promising to be the most spectacular yet. The incredible lighting of Vivid Sydney is best seen from Sydney Harbour. Amazing laser light images are projected onto the Sydney Harbour icons including the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Customs House, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Also, around at Darling Harbour is the National Maritime Museum.

Plus, for the first time in 2014, Vivid Sydney extends onto the harbour. Many of the large cruise vessels, and ferries that travel around the harbour will be decorated with brilliant LED lights that change colour as they enter different parts of the harbour. These “colour precincts” will be computer controlled using Intel technology and the latest in sat-nav geo-positioning; Harbour Lights will give Vivid another technological world first.

Eastcoast Sailing is delighted to offer several Sydney Harbour boat tours of Vivid Sydney. We have several per person ticket options including on luxury vessel, as well as private harbour cruise on a luxury cruiser. Don’t miss out !

Acrobatics on yachts comes to Sydney Harbour

Yachts and acrobatics ? An unlikely mix, but French couple Delphine Lechifflart and Franck Rabilier, and their daughters are performing acrobatics in Sydney on their yacht La Loupiote. Lechifflart said the performance blends circus, dance and theatre.

The couple use the mast, boom, rigging, spinnaker and other parts of their yacht in their shows, together with long strands of silk fabric. ”It’s definitely harder than in a theatre, because the boat is moving all the time,” Delphine says.

Lechifflart and Rabilier have been performing these nautical acrobatics for nine years around the world on their yacht. Their 2 daughters, aged 5 and 13 are now also part of the performance.
The family have been performing shows in Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Since 2004, the crew has travelled the world sharing this experience. Thousands have been awed and delighted in France and Portugal (2004/06), Morocco 2004/07, the French Caribbean (2007-2009), Canada, the United States, and Mexico (2007-2011), and French Polynesia (2013).

Here is a link to their website and youtube video clip. 

Unique to Sydney Harbour – Pontoon Cruiser

This unique hire boat is new to Eastcoast Sailing and to Sydney Harbour! The Pontoon Cruiser is the ideal venue for a small group or intimate charter cruise on Sydney Harbour. The layout of this boat is great for socialising, with uninterrupted views from lovely comfortable lounges.

This sumptuous boat is also popular for wedding party transfers. These vessels are safe for children (and inexperienced adults) due to their high sided rails and flat deck. Shallow draft enables pick up or landing on the beach without getting wet feet. Great to swim off.

This unique boat concept originated in France and grew in popularity.


  • Ideal layout for socialising
  • Comfortable lounges and tables
  • Extremely stable vessel
  • BBQ
  • Toilet
  • Swimming ladder
  • Shallow draft – ideal to get close to harbour beaches

Navy Fleet review Spectacular

Thousands of spectator yachts and motor boats anchored around the inner bays of Sydney Harbour to watch the main day of International Navy Fleet Review spectacular. During the day, the Navy fleet warships cruised past dignitaries including Prince Harry and the Governor General. Quite an imposing sight.

Fly overs from various warplanes, roaring over boats created a real buzz. The stunt planes appeared just before sunset and amazed with breathtaking aerobatics.

The artistic fireworks on a clear evening did not disappoint. With fireworks barges moored westwards from Cockatoo island, to Clarke Island in the east, the flotilla of boats enjoyed synchronised pallets of colours into evening.

The International Navy Fleet review comprises over 40 warships, 8000 sailors from 20 countries. This special event will commemorate the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy Fleet into Sydney Harbour. A century later, the program for the International Fleet Review on Sydney Harbour will include a tall ships parade, warships arrival, ceremonial fleet review, naval gun salutes, aerial flypasts, a spectacular fireworks display and light show.