Acrobatics on yachts comes to Sydney Harbour

Yachts and acrobatics ? An unlikely mix, but French couple Delphine Lechifflart and Franck Rabilier, and their daughters are performing acrobatics in Sydney on their yacht La Loupiote. Lechifflart said the performance blends circus, dance and theatre.

The couple use the mast, boom, rigging, spinnaker and other parts of their yacht in their shows, together with long strands of silk fabric. ”It’s definitely harder than in a theatre, because the boat is moving all the time,” Delphine says.

Lechifflart and Rabilier have been performing these nautical acrobatics for nine years around the world on their yacht. Their 2 daughters, aged 5 and 13 are now also part of the performance.
The family have been performing shows in Darling Harbour in Sydney.

Since 2004, the crew has travelled the world sharing this experience. Thousands have been awed and delighted in France and Portugal (2004/06), Morocco 2004/07, the French Caribbean (2007-2009), Canada, the United States, and Mexico (2007-2011), and French Polynesia (2013).

Here is a link to their website and youtube video clip.