Why Hiring A Catamaran For Your Cruise Party Will Take It To The Next Level

Are you bogged down with ideas for your next party? Want to organise one that will be the talk of the town? A fun affair for your family and friends? With Eastcoast Sailing, you can celebrate your birthday or special event in a unique and memorable manner. How? By renting our catamaran for a cruise party.

Just imagine…

You and your closest ones are enjoying each other’s company over drinks and great food. All of this away from the crowds and amidst the stunning scenery of the Sydney Harbour. Whether you are staying put or letting the wind sail you across the vastness of the ocean, you will never feel more at peace than at the ocean. Enjoy the exclusivity and privacy of your own catamaran with Eastcoast Sailing

Don’t just dine and wine. Do so while cruising along the harbour with Eastcoast Sailing Catamaran Hire Sydney at your next cruise party.

Eastcoast Sailing has an extensive fleet of skippered catamarans to rent for a variety of price-points. Catamarans are known for their spacious decks and stable sailing, which make them perfect for formal events and cruise parties. With our catamarans, you are guaranteed to have a fun time at your birthday, hens party, twilight sunset cruise, or whatever the occasion is.

Once onboard our catamarans, you will be able to discover Sydney’s hidden beaches & bays and cruise the incredible Sydney harbour. All this while spotting iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Fort Denison, and many more. A cruise party is a great opportunity to make precious memories and take beautiful photos with friends and family on your special day.Cruise Party Eastcoast Sailing

Here is why you should hire our catamarans for your birthday:

A large selection of our catamarans are sailing catamarans. This means that we can hoist up the sails for a relaxing sail around the harbour. Or, if it’s a calm day, we can motor around for a smooth cruise. Guests are more than welcome to help sail, but you can also sit back, relax and have fun onboard. Many catamarans also boast a trampoline, which are perfect for lazing around or sunbathing. These are especially popular in the warmer months.

Our catamarans have a shallow draft, which means that they can be moored close to the many beautiful beaches around the harbour. This is one of their best features. Feel free to drop anchor at one of the many boat-accessible only beaches, have a swim, pop some champagne, and soak in the Sydney skyline.

Wondering which catamaran is best for your cruise party?

If you are looking for a catamaran for a small party with your closest ones, our 10m Seawind 1000, which is suitable for up to 20 guests, is one of our many offerings.  For a bigger party of between 30 to 38 guests, the luxury Seawind 1160 Resort, which is renowned for its open spacious design is a popular choice. But if the 38-guest cap is too low-key for your cruise party and you are looking for something bigger, the Eclipse Catamaran Charter is the perfect choice. It is our largest catamaran with amazing onboard amenities including a fully licensed bar, elegant cocktail lounge, spacious fore & aft entertainment deck and a large dining area with a spectacular raised dance floor that is suspended over the water. What more could you ask for?

Seawind 1000 Catamaran Eastcoast Sailing

Seawind 1160 Resort Catamaran Eastcoast Sailing

 Eclipse Catamaran Charter Eastcoast SailingWith Eastcoast Sailing, you can find anything that you are looking for. We offer a wide range of catamarans for hire to suit your needs. And, when it comes to serving your guests well, Eastcoast Sailing goes above and beyond. Each catamaran comes with a host to help you host a memorable birthday cruise party. 

It is time to take your birthday party to the next level with Eastcoast Sailing’s catamaran range. Contact us today on 1300 883 023 or alternatively you can fill our enquiry form online. Catch you on the harbour!