6 Reasons to Have a Hens or Bucks Party on a Charter

If the planning of your friend’s bucks or hen party has been tasked to you, then you have a lot of responsibility on your hands. All the typical party options for hen and buck parties are too average, but a hens boat charter can give your friend a night that they will remember for the rest of their life. Imagine being out at sea, with music, bubbly and of course, the company of your friends and entertainment like these Perth Strippers. It would be amazing.

So, what better way to achieve this is than hiring a yacht? There are many reasons why choosing a yacht for such an important party is a great choice, as it is a unique and ambitious way to make everyone’s night memorable. See why having a charter for your hen or buck party is absolutely the way to go!

  1. A Yacht Provides Absolute Convenience. You don’t have to worry about a party bus being late or hired staff not showing up. You go to the dock and everything is prepared for you. You won’t have to drive around to multiple locations in one night; everything you’ll need can be on the boat if you want it. In many cases, you can book a wait staff as well to serve you and your guests. Once you’ve booked the boat, everything is set. You can just sit back and relax, knowing that your friend will enjoy their hen or buck party.
  1. Parking Is Not a Problem. An oft overlooked benefit of renting a yacht is that there is no need for parking. One of the most frustrating things about a night out on the town is parking. Car parks around clubs are often full, small, and expensive. And you usually end up having to drive around for a while to find a spot. When you’re on the water, parking isn’t an issue and the “club” is the yacht itself.
  1. The Party Ends When You Want It To. When you’re out celebrating your best friend’s hen or buck party, you want the flexibility to end the party according to your preference. Luckily a yacht can often accommodate all your needs, letting you and your mates dance and celebrate for hours. It is important to be aware that for hen and buck parties, overnight stays aren’t possible due to the volume of people on-board. But with the prospect of renting a yacht for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours and having a completely tailored experience, is there any other choice? Nope!
  1. Chances of Getting in Trouble Are Lowered. One of the biggest advantages of renting a yacht for your hen or buck party is that everything is contained in a space. It’s a space that you can’t simply walk out of since it’s on the water. This security ensures that you don’t have to worry about your party guests getting too out of control, and the safety of you and your friends is ensured. Just remember to not get completely out-of-hand. You’re just renting the boat; you don’t own it.
  1. A Lot of Yachts Come with Special Amenities. There are many boat services that go above and beyond just renting out their fleet. As said before, you can get special perks included into your rental (for an extra fee). You can hire the boat hire company’s wait staff, which usually charges for every four hours or so. You may also be able to get catering from the company. Some even offer a BYO service and contain many special features for your friends to enjoy.
  1. Day time fun options. Who says that a hen or buck party has to only be at night? Start off by dropping anchor during the day. Enjoy a day of swimming, sun bathing, and lunch with your friends before partaking in other festivities in the evening. With a charter hire, you can also opt for an adventure buck or hen party with sailing. You can even indulge in regatta racing by hiring two sailing yachts for competitions between your party. Regardless of how you want your day to go, day time charter hire is the ultimate way to have fun in a unique way!

Make It a Night to Remember

A boat cruise through Sydney is the perfect way to celebrate the bonding of two people in love. Our team at Eastcoast Sailing can help make your friend’s hen or buck party one that they’ll never forget. We have a wide selection of yachts that can fit your needs, and we offer catering and drinks as an option for many of our ships. We let you customise everything: your party times, what add-ons you want, and what boat is perfect for you.

You can view all the Hens party cruise options here. . Whether you’re planning a huge party with all the friends and family or just a small gathering, we have what you’re looking for.