9 Compelling Reasons to Charter a Yacht in Sydney

Sydney is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Asia-Pacific, and though there’s plenty of sights to see in and around town, its surrounding harbour and rivers offer some of the best city views. However, most people only explore the harbour waters from a spot on the harbour foreshore, but the most spectacular way to experience the harbour and the cityscape views it provides, is through Sydney yacht charter.

At Eastcoast Sailing, we offer boat tours for couples, private functions, and everything in between, and thanks to our expertise and acquired knowledge of the harbour, we can tailor a day tour cruise or overnight stay to suit your requirements.

Chartering a private yacht is more of an experience than an activity, and you will finish the tour with everlasting memories of your time getting to know Sydney. The following information will convince you.

  1. Enjoy Luxury on the Go

If you think there’s nothing better than residing in a 5-star hotel, you probably haven’t stayed on a private yacht nestled in the beautiful Sydney Harbour for a night. Our luxury yachts boast all the luxuries of the most upscale hotels – more in many cases – and they’re yours to enjoy as you relish the beautiful views of the city’s skyline, the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and the gorgeous harbour.

Our crew know all the hidden spots that are only accessible via the water, and they’re happy to recommend harbour-side restaurants that have something to treat your taste buds. The instant you wish to sail off to a new location, our crew at your service.

  1. Get Treated Like Royalty

Have you ever fancied just putting your feet up while somebody else goes out of their way to ensure you have everything you need? Staying on a yacht was once a pastime only the affluent could afford, but nowadays, it’s accessible to just about anybody. For the entire duration of your journey, crew members will serve your every need, whether it’s a delicious evening cocktail or a platter of fruit for daytime snacking.

  1. Witness the Less Explored Sights

Luxury boats can reach inlets, harbour beaches and coves not accessible by bus or car, and they’re some of the most beautiful sights to behold. Better still, they’re areas that remain relatively unexplored by tourists in their masses, meaning you could leave Sydney with pictures that most people will never see up close.

  1. Cherish Moments with the People You Love

Sometimes, it takes more than a busy outdoor pool to make a holiday complete. You can’t enjoy much privacy from a high-rise hotel room balcony, nor can you savour special moments with just the family in a high-end restaurant. By chartering a private yacht, you can embark on a luxurious adventure with the people you cherish – and them alone.

  1. Enjoy a Few Water Toys

Some of the classiest yachts come complete with paddle boards, dinghys, floating mats, water toys, and more, providing people of all ages with endless fun. Enjoy the water views from the comfort of a lovely charter boat, and splash around in the water to make the most of the summer sun with the kids.

  1. Relish Time on the Water

Can you imagine a more dreamy way to wake up than by rising from the comfortable bed on your luxury charter boat? Open your eyes to breath-taking 360 degree water views and city scape. We have options to moor your boat off secluded a harbour beach, or other fabulous locations around the harbour and rivers.

  1. Sandy Harbour Beaches

For many people and visitors to Sydney, they think beach and then think ocean.  But did you know there are dozens of fabulous sandy beaches throughout Sydney Harbour ? Many of them are difficult to access from land. When you’re on a yacht, we will sail or cruise to gorgeous beach and drop anchor. You can laze around on the decks, or swim into the secluded beach.

  1. Capture Breath-taking Pictures

We live in a world where social media is a key platform for communication, and most of us like sharing our adventurous moments with those on our friend list. Rest assured; people will be taken back by your photos of maritime adventures, and you might even inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

East Coast Sailing Boat Hire Sydney Harbour

  1. Learn Something New

Our chartered yachts come with experienced and friendly skippers who love to tell people about the beauty and history of the stunning city of Sydney. Of course, they’ll leave you alone when you want to enjoy privacy with the family, but they’re always ready to assist when you have questions, requests, or just want a casual conversation with somebody who knows about the area.

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For most of us, holidays are few and far between, but that’s all the more reason to go all out for your next adventure. We all want our children to acquire a thirst for exploration and discovery, and there’s nothing quite like seeing the world from the deck of a luxury yacht. If you’d like help planning the sail or cruise of a lifetime, don’t hesitate to contact our professionals.

At Eastcoast Sailing, we can tailor an adventure to suit your particular requirements, and we’re more than happy to offer destination and travel advice. We want you to leave Sydney with nothing but happy memories of your trip, and thanks to our chartered tours, you can uniquely see the city and enjoy a private holiday draped in luxury with the people you love the most. Contact us here for more information!