Get on the Water this Summer in Sydney

Sydney is blessed with great weather, also its geographic location. Beach life and the ocean are integral to most Australians’ lives, and getting out on the water is something not to be missed this summer. There is plenty of opportunity to rent a boat around the bay or to get out into open water.

You can hire a boat this summer with or without a skipper included, although you’ll need to have your own licence before any boat hire in Sydney will allow you to rent a vessel. Fortunately, we can provide a skipper for you when you rent a boat with us, so that you’re then able to relax and enjoy your time on the water.

A Sydney boat rental can be great for many different activities, making for a great day out whether with friends, family, or a more private setting. Here are some of our ideas to get you out on the water this summer.

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Private Charters

We can easily provide a private Sydney boat charter to meet your needs for any occasion. You can choose from different styles of boats, yachts, and catamarans, and arrange a tailored outing that suits your particular preferences. Examples of when private charters are used include birthdays, weddings, and small private boat tours.

There are other occasions where you may wish to get your own boat charter around Sydney Harbour, such as special events that include watching the famous fireworks displays during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, Australia Day, and the Vivid Light Festival displays.

Having friends visit from out of town is another good reason to get a private boat charter in Sydney. There can be no better way to see Sydney than to view it from the harbour, on board a floating vessel. It provides a unique experience for any tourist, and is something that can be enjoyed equally by Sydneysiders as well as visitors, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking to do something different this time when your friends or relatives come to town.

Parties and Other Events

A popular event for a boat rental around Sydney Harbour is a Hen’s or Buck’s night party. A boat provides the perfect environment for you and your group of closest friends to relax and celebrate. There will be space to fit all of your guests and we will provide food, drinks, and music arrangements as part of the package. All you need to bring is yourselves. These cruises can be arranged as a daytime or evening event.

Birthday parties are another popular event to opt for a boat hire around Sydney Harbour. Perhaps it is a milestone year, and you want to do something memorable and special for your loved one? A birthday party cruise can be arranged by us and will be tailored to your specific needs. We’ll organise full food and beverage catering for all of the guests on board.

Corporate events often use Sydney yacht hire for a fun day out. These can be team building exercises, or to give clients a good impression. Everyone loves the sights of Sydney Harbour, and it’s a unique experience to see them from a boat. Team building exercises can also use boats to create a spirit of harmony, such as groups of employees learning how to sail, or taking part in regatta races.

Overnight Stays

Sometimes the enjoyment of a boat trip needs to be extended beyond a single day, in which case you can request a Sydney boat hire for an overnight trip. Day trips are usually rented out on a 3-hour basis, which can be readily extended to all day, on a catamaran or a yacht. However, longer trips that include an overnight stay can easily be accommodated.

These overnight trips are offered on luxury yachts and are provided with inclusive meals, drinks, and all sleeping arrangements. They are popular amongst people looking for a more intimate experience, and are especially used by couples looking for a romantic getaway. All of the overnight tours can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Other Opportunities

As well as renting out the boats, we can also provide sailing lessons so that you can learn for yourself how to handle a yacht or catamaran. The lessons will take place around the harbour, so it’s a great setting that is very close to home. Lessons are provided from beginner level, all the way up to gaining full certification if you wish to ultimately charter your own yacht.

Classes usually have no more than four people, so you’ll receive focussed instruction. It’s also a great opportunity to learn with friends if you know two or three other people who are interested in learning how to sail. The beginners’ classes introduce you to the basics of sail handling, wind direction, and rope work. They also provide instruction on crucial safety elements, as well as open-water navigation techniques. No prior experience is required for the beginners’ courses, so it’s a great place to start.

The next step up will be one of the crew courses. Yachts require teams of people in order to effectively be sailed, and you’ll learn how to work as part of the fundamental crew on any yacht in this course. Again, this is a great opportunity to learn with friends if there is already a group of you interested in learning how to sail. This course is instructed over a three-day period and then completed with a three-hour night sail, in order to prepare you for all conditions. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll be provided with a certificate of competency.

The final step in training will be to complete a ‘Bare Boat’ course. Attaining this certification will enable you to charter and skipper your own yacht anywhere in the world, and is the most important course you’ll need to complete if you want to be granted the freedom to sail across the globe. The waters around Sydney provide the perfect environment to learn these skills, and this training attracts people from overseas to complete the certificate because of this.

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Hiring a Boat this Summer

Most people hire a boat with a skipper included because you’re only allowed to charter your own if you are qualified and licenced. We offer several packages that include a skipper for day trips and overnight tours. Popular events to hire a boat for the day include birthdays, weddings, or other parties. Private tours can also be made by night, to witness firework displays or other times when being in the harbour is best.

If you’re keen to be able to eventually captain your own boat, then you can also contact a boat rental operator to see what courses they can provide. This usually falls into three levels, with the first suitable for all beginners with no experience needed. The next step would be learning crew operations so that you can safely sail a yacht as part of a team, and completing the final tier means that you’ll be able to charter your own vessel worldwide, once you become certified.

If you hadn’t considered it before, hiring a boat or learning how to sail one is a great way to spend your time this summer. For the ultimate sailing experience this summer, either hiring a boat or taking a training course, please contact Eastcoast Sailing on 1300-883-023 to discuss your options.