What to Look For in a Boat Hire Company in Sydney

Boats are an expensive investment for someone to make, yet they are great to utilise in many events. Luckily, there are now companies that provide boat hire Sydney services, so you don’t have to deal with all the disadvantages that come with owning one.

But remember—not every boat hire company out there is created equal. There are certain characteristics that you have to search for when you’re looking for boats to charter.


What Events They Cater To 

Boat hire companies offer a variety of boats that can serve whatever purpose you may need. You can hire a yacht for the fancier events you have planned out. You can get skippered boat charters for viewing the beautiful sights around Sydney. You can also hire a boat for important corporate events.

The possibilities in regards to the events you can have on a boat are virtually endless. You can select boats suitable for small groups of 2 or more, up to large number of people, with some vessels catering for over 600 guests. Boats that can carry that many people are ideal for events such as wedding receptions and large corporate events.

Those that carry several hundred people can be perfect venues for smaller weddings and corporate events. Other boats are more tailored to parties such as hen parties, buck parties, and birthday parties. There are also boats that serve functions that are dedicated to more private events, such as families that are going sightseeing and a day out with friends.

You want to ensure that the boat hire company you choose has the fleet capacity you’re looking for and is fit for the type of event that you’re hosting.

To ensure your function is truly fantastic, you also have the option to hire an event manager. This takes the stress of party-planning off your shoulders and means you can enjoy your event in peace! 

The Price of the Boats They Offer 

A big factor to what kind of boat you get is your budget. Most boat companies charge their rates by the hour, and they typically have a maximum amount of hours that you can use the boat. The price ranges from about $400 to well over $1000 based on your needs and the amount of time you have.

For those wanting to keep a boat overnight, expect to pay even more money (add on a few more thousand dollars). Before setting your heart on a particular boat, be sure that you’re positive to calculate the number of guests and the amount of time you’ll be using it. Double check to ensure these figures fit within your budget.

The Speed, Guest Capacity, and Number of Cabins on the Boat 

While you’re taking into account guest capacity, there are other features that you should consider when looking at a boat hire company. Make sure you consider the size of the outdoor cockpit area, as well as the size of the indoor saloon.  If you are staying overnight, you need to consider the number of cabins you have on the boat. The number of cabins will most likely not reflect the number of guests you have for your party, so you’re going to have to be selective about who you want to spend the night with you.

If you are looking for a smaller boat that can be used for smaller parties, you may want to inquire about the speed of the vehicle. Many of these companies also come with BYO options with a fee for amenities, and they even offer wait staff for your guests for a set number of hours.

The Type of Boat

The big decision you need to make is the type of boat. Broadly speaking, you need to choose between a sailing monohull yacht, a sailing / cruising catamaran, a motor cruiser, or a larger function vessel. You want to look into any other additional charges such as wharf fees that you could incur while you are in possession of the boat.  You may want to ride in style and luxury, or you may want to keep it as simple as possible. It’s all up to you. 

Get a Boat Today 

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