Plan a Work Christmas Party That Employees Look Forward To

Let’s face it. The work Christmas party can be a bit of a social minefield, and it can be a little awkward for people who are work colleagues to go out and mingle. If you’ve been given the task of organising a Christmas party, it can seem like an overwhelming task, as you’ve got to try and keep everyone happy, stay in budget, and also ensure everything is well organised so the night goes off without a hitch. Usually organizing employees in the workplace is a cinch using software from a reputable HR Company, but at Christmas time your business will need some additional advice to make sure everything goes smoothly. Here are some tips for planning a Christmas party that’ll get people excited for the festive season.

Set your budget

It’s important to have a budget in mind when you plan, so you can choose the right options for your party. Work out whether the company will pay for the whole thing, or whether people will buy tickets. You can then budget a price per head, and keep this in mind when you shop around.

Think outside the box

A lot of Christmas parties follow the same sort of formula of dining, drinking, and maybe a few clubs. While this can be fun for the younger generation, it’s important to find something that everyone in the company will enjoy. Something a little different, like arranging a Sydney boat charter adds a unique touch to the event, and is much more appealing than going to the same old venues close to your office.

Get the right venue

The venue is usually the first thing you book when organising a Christmas party, and it sets the tone for the rest of the night. You may want to spoil them and opt for somewhere fancy like Aqua, ( After all, it is the Christmas do! Some things to think about when you choose a venue include:

  • Location – pick somewhere easily accessible, especially if the party is after work, and close to public transport, so people don’t have to worry about getting home after drinking. Eastcoast Sailing boat charters offers pickups from all around the Sydney Harbour for convenient accessibility for guests.
  • Size – don’t cram the maximum number of people into a space. Make sure there’s a bit of room for mingling, as well as any last-minute guests
  • Weather – Sydney can sometimes get rain during the festive season, so it’s worth finding a venue with options such as a canopy or marquee so that the party can continue
  • Catering options – if you want an informal buffet or BBQ, then there’s no point booking a formal venue. Make sure the venue you choose matches the style of your party

Choose some activities

Christmas parties are obviously an excuse for a lot of drinking and great food, but having a few activities can help prevent people from getting bored. It’s also worth having some ice breakers, as some staff members won’t know each other very well, meaning the atmosphere can be awkward. By choosing something unique for your party such as a boat charter in Sydney Harbour, you can plan sightseeing, , music or some live entertainment, all of which make the atmosphere more fun.

Find a suitable date and time

The date and time you choose will depend on many factors. Think about your workforce. Are they young and single, or do most of your workforce have children? It’s often best to pick a date that’s not too close to Christmas. Everyone gets so busy in the fortnight leading up to the big day, and are more likely to have plans with family and friends. Early December is usually the best time, with most companies opting to have their parties on a Friday night after work.

Don’t feel that your Christmas party has to be at night. Some smaller firms take a day off in December and treat their employees to a day or afternoon out. You could consider using boat hire in Sydney, and take everyone for a fun day cruise, anchoring off the coast for a swim, throwing a BBQ, and maybe visiting some of the beaches just a short ride away. By having the event during work hours, there’s a much higher chance everyone will attend, and it’s easier than finding nights where everyone is free.

Pick your food and drink

If you’re having a party where people are coming straight from work, then it’s important to feed them before they start drinking. Good food is something that people always remember from an event, and if you want people to get excited about the party, then the promise of a three-course meal or lovely buffet will ensure you get lots of RSVPs. Obviously, it’s also important to cater for different dietary needs, so make sure your caterer or venue can accommodate them.

Drinking is also a major part of Christmas parties. After all, people want to let their hair down a little. If you are booking Sydney boat hire, then you might want to provide an open bar with just beer, wine, and soft drinks, so people aren’t mixing too much. Or you could provide welcome cocktails and a few bottles on the tables, then have a paid bar for the rest of the night. Whatever you choose, make sure there’s also plenty of water, so people can hydrate in the hot weather.

Consider inviting partners

Some people will enjoy mingling a lot more if they can bring a partner or friend along to the party. This is especially true in smaller companies, where you might only have a few employees attending. If your budget can’t stretch to partners, then consider paying for employees, and letting them buy a ticket if they want to bring someone along.

What about inviting customers and suppliers?

Some companies use the Christmas celebrations to thank customers for their business throughout the year. Similarly some companies also invite their suppliers to appreciate their efforts and support. An afternoon or evening cruise around Sydney Harbour creates a wonderful memorable event for customers and suppliers.

Offer something unique

People aren’t going to be terribly excited about a Christmas party if it’s at the local bar you always visit, or at a restaurant they can visit any time. Offering a unique experience, such as booking a Sydney boat rental, will get people excited, and create a special night. After all, the city skyline makes an excellent backdrop, and people love being able to see the sights from the comfort of a boat.

If you’re organising a Christmas party and want to create something spectacular, get in touch with East Coast Sailing of Sydney on 1300 883 023 to find out more about boat hire, and creating an amazing event.