Sun sets on Sydney International Boat Show for 2016

Well the sun has set on the Sydney International Boat Show for 2016.  Most agents report very healthy interest in new boat sales.  And several claim they achieved solid order books this year.

Eastcoast Sailing, always a keen participant at the boat show, noticed some wonderful trends in the fantastic fleet of boats displayed at Darling Harbour.

  1. Smarter more spacious layouts.  Thanks CAD/CAM & ergonomics..  The layouts on many boats is clever, useful and practical.
  2. There is definitely a lift in the levels of luxury offered across all ranges of boats and yachts.  There are very few basic or austere boats presented any more.  This luxury inherently comes with higher price tags.
  3. The Catamaran category continuing it’s surge in popularity / growth.  Very popular for their stability, size and comfort.  Not to forget lazing on the front trampolines in sun off a lovely Sydney Harbour beach.
  4. The jaw dropping top end end large luxury cruisers continue to be stunningly presented.  We have a couple of problems here :  there is no way I would let my kids climb about with wet sandy feet on my stunning parquetry floors.  Second, we can’t afford the multi-million dollar price tag – in fact we can’t even afford the the fuel.  Some with 2 x 5,000 l tanks – my quick maths has this at $18,000 for fuel !!

Anyway, another excellent 2016 Sydney International Boat Show, and some truly spectacular yachts and cruisers.  If you haven’t got a lazy million dollars to buy a new boat, give us a call and we can arrange a lovely luxury charter boat for you on the Harbour…